[Recommended Health Application] Enjoy the popular “Zumba” with “Zumba Dance”

[Recommended Health Application] Enjoy the popular “Zumba” with “Zumba Dance”


Have you all heard about “Zumba” before?

Zumba is a type of fitness exercise that combines Latin music and dancing. This workout consists of a combination of songs with rhythms of different speeds, and it includes body training elements based in aerobics. It not only trains the cardiopulmonary functions, but since it also consumes calories, it is effective in burning fat. Another characteristic of zumba is that anybody can have fun with it, even those who do not usually like exercising!

“Zumba Dance” is currently in the spotlight as an application that allows users to enjoy “party-like and fun” Zumba workouts anywhere, anytime.

The Main Features of “Zumba Dance”

Motion Tracking Technology

Support for Motion Tracking Technology that analyzes the movement of the player while you enjoy Zumba. This function makes the workout all the more effective can be also used for dieting and building physical strength.

Record your workouts and check your goals anytime

This feature helps maintain your motivation by keeping track of the consumed calories, your goals, and the improvement of your movement techniques.

Varied set programs

Programs for classes of 20 to 60 minutes are set up from the beginning, and to these you can add your own original customized classes. There are 3 classes especially designed for calorie burning: “Party,” “Exhilarating,” and “Pulse-Pounding.”

Tutorial Mode

With the “Tutorial Mode,” you can learn the basic steps of your favorite dance styles at your own pace. You can also learn popular dances from a wide variety of genres from all over the world, such as merengue, salsa, cumbia, Bollywood, hip-hop, reggaeton, etc.

Programs with famous instructors

Enjoy workouts with super star Zumba instructors Beto Perez, Gina Grant and Kass Martin.

More enjoyable workouts with songs from the hit charts

Liven up your workout all the more with carefully selected Zumba original tracks and hit songs by LMFAO, Pitbull, Tiesto, Kat Deluna, Sean Paul, and others.

“Zumba Dance” users state that this application is “ideal for zumba practice” and that they are “so glad to be able to enjoy zumba anywhere, anytime.” Not only you can do your workout by yourself, but also you can enjoy Zumba with your friends and family as if you were in a dance party. Make sure you make the most out of this application to approach exercising in a fun way.

Download “Zumba Dance”(paid app.) here

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