“ZENXIN ORGANIC FOOD” – fresh organic foods from Malaysia.

“ZENXIN ORGANIC FOOD” – fresh organic foods from Malaysia.


We all eat fruits and vegetables daily, and when thinking of the health of our family, probably most of us would like to choose organic and fresh foods.

ZENXIN ORGANIC FOOD”, founded in 2001 by Tai Kok Kong in Malaysia, Singapore’s adjacent country, offers a great variety of more than 100 types of organic vegetables and fruits on which no chemicals or pesticides have been used.


They have facilities that fulfill strict international guidelines, and rigorously manage all the cultivation process. From fertilizing to the cold room and the packing center, the whole process follows organic farming methods and it is approved by the NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.)

Also, to make a sustainable way of living and organic farmer more easily understandable to the general public, they opened their “Zenxin Organic Park” in Kluang, Malaysia, in 2006. This recreational facility is gathering attention not only in Malaysia but also from Singapore, as a useful spot for education on organic farming.

Moreover, in 2010 they also started their own organic foods house brand “Simply Natural”, which includes products such as organic spices, gluten free pad thai, organic noodles, germinated rice and organic drinks. Their aim is not only to improve the health of farms and people, but also to protect the well-being of the Earth, and in the near future, they plan to develop not only organic and gluten free products, but also fair trade products.

Actually, we can also buy “ZENXIN ORGANIC FOOD” fresh and safe products in Singapore!


They are available at “Cold Storage”, “Giant”, “Market Place” and “Shop’N’Save” stores throughout Singapore, and they have a wholesale center under their direct management in Pasir Pajang, in the West area, where you can find organic fruits and vegetables, and other organic food products. They also have a home delivery service which makes the delights of always busy housewives.

We asked “ZENXIN ORGANIC FOOD” about the necessary requirements to maintain a healthy and beautiful body and they explained to us what they call “P.U.R.E.”

“P”…Prevent dehydration
Keeping moisture does not only help to maintain a healthy skin, but it is also an important point to be internally healthy as well. It is said that an adult woman (over 18 years old) needs 2.7 l of water a day, while an adult man needs 3.7 l. (This includes the amount of water contained in other foods)
*You can calculate how much water you need according to your body weight at this website – let’s make use of it!

“U”…Upgrade to organic
Eating fresh organic food products is a good way of cutting down the amount of toxic substances accumulated in processed foods. According to a certain research, it has been confirmed that organic food products are nutritionally richer than local fresh vegetables and fruits.

“R”…Raw foods rule
Cooking food materials in extreme heat is said to cause a chemical change and produce an acid toxin harmful for the body.
Eating too many fried foods or foods that have been overly heated in a microwave disrupts the delicate balance of acidity and alkalinity inside the body. This becomes the cause of weight gain and diseases, and also damages the health of the skin. Adding organic raw vegetables and fruits into your diet improves the health of your body and skin.

“E”…Enzymes and energy
Heating food products up to more than 105ºC destroys the enzymes that help in the process of digestion and maintaining health. You can eat foods without losing the enzymes by, of course, eating raw fresh organic food products, or steaming them, lightly warming them or lightly stir frying them.
(Ceri Wolf © June 2013)

The person in charge of the company explained to us that “it is our ‘skin’ that shows the health and beauty of our body. Our health and the beauty of our skin are greatly affected by the functions of our internal organs. Thus it is important for these functions to make sure we always take in the best for our body, whether it is air, food, water, etc.”

How about introducing in your life “ZENXIN ORGANIC FOOD” healthy and safe products?

NaturalNews.com – Extend Your Life With Enzymes

Store information


Address:(Direct management store)Blk 14 Wholesale Centre #01-25 Singapore 110014
Telephone number: 6778-7369 / 6779-7839
Business hours: 8:30 – 18:30
URL: http://www.zenxin.com.my
(*A part of the website is in Japanese)



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