[Recommended Health and Fitness App] “Workout Trainer” provides 1000 free workouts!

[Recommended Health and Fitness App] “Workout Trainer” provides 1000 free workouts!


“I want to go to a fitness club, but I just don’t have the time!” This is the voice that we often hear being expressed by women in Singapore, owing possibly to the busy styles of living. Have you ever wished to exercise in ways that were both efficient and effective? If so, have you ever dreamt of having your own professional trainer to guide you through workouts at home? We suspect that there are more than just a few individuals who answered in the affirmative.

If you are a person who shares these sentiments, then “Workout Trainer” is just the app for you.

“Workout Trainer” provides around 1000 workouts that include yoga, weight lifting and running exercises. Its features allow you to enjoy your training by: handing you the rein to select workouts of your preference; and providing you with the benefit of a pro personal trainer who will guide you through the exercises by means of photo, audio, and video instructions.

The main features of “Workout Trainer”

Easy to follow audio, photo, and video workout instructions

“Workout Trainer” provides audio instructions and procedural cues for the workouts. Photos and videos illustrating movements that require attention to detail are amply provided. The app offers a wide collection of workouts that do not need special equipment.

Customizable workout plan

You can build your own customized training plan by selecting workouts from the app’s extensive collection. Roughly 1000 workouts are available. The collection offers workouts that are ideal for people who want to pursue such exercises as “Tabata Training”, “High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)”, and “P90X”. Also, once you have set up a training schedule, you can get the app to send reminders to your smartphone.

Availability of Community Forums

Your training record on the app will be synchronized with the data on your member’s page at Skimble’s website. Skimble, the provider of the “Workout Trainer” app, also offers community forums that you can access while you are logged in to the website. Through the forums, you can find out about newly available workouts and recommended workouts. You can also share details about your workouts on your Facebook page or Twitter account if you so wish.

*Skimble website:

“Workout Trainer” is so full of features and yet it comes for FREE! The app is also a great treat for those of us who want to keep the cost of exercising to a minimum.

Skimble cofounder Maria Ly has the following things to say: “We feel that, although people are resolved to lead healthy and active lives, they aren’t getting adequate support because of problems to do with schedule and cost, as a result of which they become demotivated. Thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices, we now have a new way of achieving fitness, and our ‘Workout Trainer’ is just the thing for supporting this new approach. We have seen our app get downloaded more than ten million times now, and we are confident that we deliver the best forms of exercise for the busy people of today.”

Why not download now and start exercising? You can always invite the rest of your family to join in the fun too!

Free download of the “Workout Trainer” app is available from the sites below:

iPhone(iTunes App Store)


Android Apps(Google Play)


Watch the introductory video of the app here:


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