Why Am I Tired All The Time?

Why Am I Tired All The Time?


While everyone experiences tiredness at some point in their life, extreme and prolonged tiredness is a major complaint. It affects women more than men, and it can be caused by far more than simply not getting a good night’s rest.

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, one in five people experience periods of feeling unusually tired, and up to one in ten of us is suffering from prolonged fatigue. In spite of this, it is very rare for these symptoms to have an underlying, physical cause.

If you feel unusually tired, and are wanting to work out why, there are a few things that it might be worth you looking at. These include:

  • Physical causes
  • Psychological causes
  • Lifestyle causes

Let’s have a look at each of these in a little more detail, and some of the potential cures which nature made just for these situations.

Physical Causes

There are several potential physical causes of fatigue. The biggest ones being things such as thyroid disorders and anemia. Thankfully, these tend to be reasonably simple for a doctor to diagnose, and once you are given the correct treatment, the fatigue should lift.

Other, more surprising physical causes of fatigue can include illnesses such as diabetes and intolerances to certain foods. If you suffer from these, it is worth speaking with your doctor in order to attempt to find a healthy, nature made alternative to sleeping pills, as these drugs will only help to mask the symptoms, rather than getting rid of the underlying problems.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes are by far the most common underlying reason for prolonged fatigue. Thankfully, there are several cures that nature made just for these causes, and you can easily find them without needing to recourse to heavier drugs and expensive counseling sessions.

By far the most common psychological cause for tiredness is anxiety. Even positive life changes such as getting married and starting a family can be a huge source of stress, and that stress will obviously have a serious impact on your ongoing health. Herbs such as hops and valerian can help to deal with the short-term symptoms, and relax you enough to allow you to get that essential rest.

If you feel anxious for a prolonged time, or if you believe that you have a chance of being depressed, then it is very important that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner. They will be able to give you essential advice on how to move forward and regain some degree of balance in your life.

Lifestyle Causes

Today, people are expected to step into more roles than ever before. This is especially true for women, who are expected to be successful in the office at the same time as fulfilling all of the traditional roles of being a wife and a mother. It is not surprising, therefore, that lifestyle can be a major factor in you feeling tired all of the time.

Thankfully, these causes can be amongst the easiest to treat, as they boil down to the choices that you make about how you are going to live your life. They include things such as drinking. While everyone likes a glass of wine occasionally, it is important to realize that alcohol can affect sleep, and indulging too often might be one cause of your tiredness.

Diet is another major factor in rooting out the underlying causes of fatigue. Processed foods are more difficult for the body to digest fully, and so it might be worth you looking into switching your diet to a nature made, more organic alternative if you have an ongoing struggle against fatigue. This will not only help increase your energy levels, but it will also help to keep you healthy overall.

In short, there are many possible reasons for you feeling tired, particularly during the winter months when the natural cycle of the body is designed to encourage a greater degree of sleep. So don’t panic if you find yourself feeling tired. Just have a look at your life and see if one or two simple changes might help improve things.


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