Each year, more women participate in this event!<br />Singapore International Triathlon 2013

Each year, more women participate in this event!
Singapore International Triathlon 2013


The Singapore International Triathlon 2013 is planned to be held at East Coast Park, on the 28th and 29th of September, 2013.

This will be the 12th year of this event since it started in 2002. The Singapore International Triathlon is a well-established, annual sports event in Singapore.

Triathlons in Singapore have developed rapidly into a lifestyle sport, increasing in popularity in recent years. The triathlon is a sport that requires stamina in all three disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. It is a sport that not only aims to promote a healthy mind and body, but also pushes you to the limit, by increasing the potential that can be found in your body and mind.

This event offers not only a standard triathlon with a 1.5km swim, 40km cycle, and 10km run, but it also has a mini-triathlon, a kids triathlon, and participants can enter based on categories such as age and experience. This triathlon event is for people from all ages, from 7 to 75 years old, so a considerable number of people even take on this challenge with members of their whole family.

A triathlon is a dynamic and tough event; therefore, 75% of participants are male. However, perhaps because triathlons are starting to be seen as a stylish sport, there has been a recent increase in female participants every year. Furthermore, 10% to 15% of participants come from outside Singapore, reinforcing its international name.


Current Plan

Saturday, September 28th

Kids Triathlon

  • 7 to 9 year old boys and girls (100m swim, 5km cycle, 1km run)
  • 10 to 12 year old boys and girls (200m swim, 10km cycle, 2km run)
  • 13 to 15 year old boys and girls (200m swim, 10km cycle, 2km run)

Mini-triathlon (200m swim, 10km cycle, 2km run)

  • 16 to 44 years old
  • 45 years old or over
  • open relay (16 years old or over)
  • mixed relay (16 years old or over)

Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run)

  • 16 to 19 years old
  • open male (20 to 44 years old)
  • veterans male and female (45 years old or over)
  • open relay (16 years old or over)
  • mixed relay (16 years old or over)

Sunday, September 29th

Standard Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run)

* May 10, 2013. This event is not yet open for registrations. Please refer to the web site for more detailed information on registrations, participation fees, etc. (the web site will be kept up to date with latest information.)

Singapore International Triathlon 2013




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