Rebounding: The New Fitness Trend

Rebounding: The New Fitness Trend


There is a new fitness craze that has started to emerge in Hollywood. Despite being a trend, it is not entirely a new thing; especially to kids who grew up enjoying gymnastics and such exercises. The exercise makes use of a trampoline, which is what it is now referred to—the Mini Trampoline Workout or Rebounding. People who do the workout are referred to as rebounders. If you have never heard about this exercise, you may be missing out on something beneficial to your fitness regimen.


What is the Rebounding Workout?

Rebounding workout refers to a low-impact cardio exercise program that involves jumping up and down on a mini trampoline. The benefit of doing so is that it helps improve balance and tone muscles—all while burning 160 calories per 30 minutes of bouncing. Not to mention, it is a fun workout that will make you recall your younger years.


The amount of calories that you can burn with this exercise is what makes it such an appealing trend. In fact, plenty of Hollywood A-listers have currently switched to this exercise regimen such as Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Vivica A. Fox, and many more. If you are interested to get the same results as these stars, it may be best to know more about the workout before you invest in a mini trampoline.



When it comes to the discovery of its numerous health benefits, the history dates back to the World War II when US Navy officials discovered that the use of trampolines in their training helped in improving the pilots’ spatial awareness. To date, NASA continues to make use of the trampolines as a way of training their astronauts in coping with weightlessness and maintain different body positions on their missions.


Health Benefits

Albeit being a recent trend, trampolines have been used in plenty of school programs as part of their physical education curriculum. With the new discovery of how beneficial bouncing up and down on a trampoline is, many have started using it as a form of exercise. In fact, NASA compares a 10-minute jump on a trampoline is equivalent to the effect of a 30-minute run. Here are some of the health benefits that this workout produces to rebounders:


Helps in Weight Loss

One of the many reasons why people have become interested in this workout is the fact that it helps burn a number of calories in such a short time period. Since the exercise makes use of the whole body, rebounders get to maximize their workout. Rebounding helps in reducing body fat and increasing the body’s efficiency to burn fat. At the same time, the bounce’s upward force is a big help in exercising not just the muscles in the body, but other important organs such as the heart.


Decreases Stress

The workout has also been known to decrease stress hormones such as cortisol. And in the process, the workout increases the production of endorphins, a sort of feel-good chemical in the body. The act of bouncing up and down also gives a effect on the mind since it gives an enjoyable experience. This is why it is a preferred workout option compared to other aerobic exercises such as jogging or running.


Improved Circulation

As a form or aerobic exercise, rebounding helps in improving the circulation of blood in the body by pumping more blood to the heart, where oxygen enriches it. Jumping up and down produces a contraction result that lets more blood be circulated to the heart so that it is replenished with oxygen. This improvement of blood circulation helps in reducing the clogging of the arteries.


Produces a Healthy Heart

Just like other forms of aerobic exercise, the heart is the muscle that gets the most benefit. Exercises like rebounding are able to strengthen the heart. In the process, the heart is able to pump more blood with just a fewer number of beats. This leads to a lowered resting heart rate; which means that your heart does not get too strained in performing its normal functions. This helps in reducing your chance of contracting a heart disease.


Detoxifies the Body

Another health benefit obtained from rebounding is the fact that it helps the body’s natural detoxification process by stimulating the lymphatic system. Since this is the part of the body that removes dead cells, harmful toxins, cancer cells, and other foreign objects, you get to improve your overall health. At the same time, detoxification helps in slowing down the signs of aging in the body.


Health Considerations

Despite the many health benefits you can get from the Rebounding, it is not advisable to have a trampoline at home. As a matter of fact, the unsupervised act of jumping up and down on a trampoline may have some health hazards; especially if done carelessly. But as long as the proper safety precautions are observed, trampolines can be a very good form of exercise.


Why You Should Do Rebounding?

If the health benefits aren’t enough to convince you to start doing this form of exercise, here are the many other reasons why you should do it:


  • No Age Limit. You will be pleased to know that it does not have any age limit. Rebounding is a suitable form of exercise for anyone, regardless of their age. As a matter of fact, it is a recommended workout for older individuals as it is a gentle, safe, and no-impact exercise. Compared to jogging, rebounding does not damage the back or the knees.
  • Easily Adjusted. No matter what your fitness level is, rebounding can easily be adjusted to your ability so you can always do it well.
  • Do It At Home. Rebounding can be done in the home. Especially if you have already mastered the exercise, you may invest in a quality trampoline and do the workout on a time you are available.


Where to Do Rebounding in Singapore

Rebounding is not anew to students in Singapore. As a matter of fact, trampoline is among the sports practiced in different schools throughout Singapore. It is also a competitive sport represented at the National School Games.


As a form of exercise, a newly opened trampoline park called Amped is now available to the public. In this park, you can bounce on 5,000 square feet of high quality US-made interconnected trampolines. Available for all ages, the facility will give you an enjoyable workout every single time. Visit for more information on this highly beneficial workout.


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