The Top 10 Health Food Products For Glowing Skin


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By now, we as a society have come to understand what an integral part our diet plays in the health of our bodies–particularly our skin. Whether you are suffering from acne or looking to give your skin a healthy, youthful glow, you can do it with the right diet. Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive night creams and dermatology products, pay attention to the food you are putting in your body and how it might be affecting the health of your skin. In this post, you will discover the top 10 health food products for flawless, glowing, and healthy skin.

1. Olive Oil

Want to combat the aging appearance of your skin? Use more olive oil in the kitchen. A study showed that women who consumed higher amounts (approximately two teaspoons a day) of olive oil had 31% fewer signs of aging on their skin. Because of the monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil, your skin will have a more youthful look when you eat the oil regularly. It is also better to consume olive oil, rather than other types like sunflower oil.

2. Dark Chocolate

Think sweets are bad for your skin? Think again. Not every type of dessert food is bad for you, and that is particularly true of dark chocolate. If you want smoother skin with more hydration and better circulation, start consuming a cocoa powder drink with a high level of cocoa flavanols. Within a matter of weeks, you should notice healthier skin with significantly less roughness.

3. Sardines

This potent fish offers an impressive variety of health benefits, including improvement of your skin. While it might not be everyone’s favorite type of food, it is certainly beneficial for anyone to eat if they are suffering from acne. If everything else you have tried in order to clear up your skin has failed, try eating more sardines. This type of fatty fish is rich in a certain omega-3 that acts as an anti-inflammatory. And if you aren’t a fan of sardines, you can also find this type of anti-inflammatory omega-3 in salmon.

4. Kale

Kale has been getting a highly respected reputation in the health food world and there is a reason for that. The more you research about kale, the more benefits you discover it offers. One such benefit is the effect it has on your skin when you eat it consistently. The nutrients in kale combat free radicals in your skin that are caused by UV light. Even certain sunscreens do not protect from the free radicals as powerfully as kale can. Additionally, kale is loaded with vitamins A and C, both of which help firm up the skin and protect against sagging.

5. Green Tea

This powerful herbal drink is packed with endless health benefits, and the wonderful things it does for your skin are definitely some of the best benefits. If you want elastic, smooth skin, drink green tea on a daily basis. Work up to drinking three cups a day, iced or hot. Because of the special antioxidants in green tea, drinking it regularly will improve oxygen and blood flow to the skin and, therefore, giving it that radiant, glowing look.

6. Grass-Fed Beef

So long as you aren’t a vegetarian, this is a great health food that acts as an anti-inflammatory. Anyone with acne problems or other skin conditions caused by inflammation will find it is easier to combat their skin problems with grass-fed beef. Because grass-fed beef is packed with protein and protein promotes collagen and elastic tissue, you can maintain youthful skin with fewer wrinkles.

7. Rosemary (And Other Herbs)

If you aren’t cooking regularly with lots of flavorful herbs, healthier skin is a great incentive. Aim to consume four or more herbs on a regular basis. A study showed that people who do consume more herbs on a daily basis have a 60% reduced risk of developing melanoma. These tiny but powerful herbs are jam-packed with lots of antioxidants that protect your skin from sun damage.

8. Almond Milk

While most people know by now that dairy products, such as milk, aren’t good for their skin, almond milk does offer benefits. When you drink milk from a cow on a daily basis (a highly inflammatory drink) it leads to more rashes, wrinkles, acne, and other forms of aggravated skin. But when you remove cow milk and limit other forms of dairy from your diet, you will have a much easier time maintaining clear, healthy skin.

9. Kiwi

These powerful and tasty fruits pack all of the vitamin C you need for the day. When you consume vitamin C on a daily basis, you are helping your skin remain taut and smooth with fewer lines. Just one kiwi has almost 120% of your daily vitamin C needs.

10. Yellow Bell Peppers

According to one study, the more peppers you eat (particularly yellow bell peppers) the fewer wrinkles you will have. Prevent crow’s feet by incorporating yellow bell peppers into your daily diet. Eating other yellow and green vegetables also help prevent wrinkles from developing.

Want to learn about more health food products that are excellent for your skin? Contact us today! We are happy to help get you on the healthiest path for your life (and your skin).


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