The 10 Step Beauty Regimen Korean Women Follow Every Night

The 10 Step Beauty Regimen Korean Women Follow Every Night


Many people are always amazed at how smooth, fresh and rosy the skin of Korean men and women look. No matter where they are in the world, it seems like these individuals have truly been gifted with naturally beautiful skin. In fact, it is very rare to see a Korean woman or man have skin that isn’t healthy or smooth. The reason behind this is because the Koreans follow a very meticulous multi-step process when it comes to their skin care practices. It usually involves a 10-step process where these men and women make sure to follow everyday just so they can ensure that their skin will be healthy. Compared to the Western way of life, Koreans have a different approach to how they take care of their skin. It’s just a part of their culture that they have trained their children to get accustomed to ever since they were young.


Koreans are no stranger to wearing makeup. As a matter of fact, it is part of their daily routine. Korean women do not leave their homes without makeup on. No matter how light or heavy their makeup is, this is simply something they have to do on a daily basis. But before they go to sleep, they make sure to remove their makeup and follow a meticulous ten-step skin care regimen to ensure their face is free from any makeup residue. This way, they are confident their skin is always healthy and free from acne.


If you want to have skin as good as the Koreans, here are the ten skin care steps that you should start incorporating into your daily beauty regimen:


Step One: Eye Makeup Removal

The first thing that Korean women do every night is to remove their eye makeup. Fortunately there is now a number of makeup remover products that are available in the market. Using this, removing eye makeup can be done a lot easier. Otherwise, you might be stuck with mascara on your lashes for a week. But remember that when you remove eye makeup, you should do it carefully so you don’t tug on the skin surrounding your eyes.


You can also use makeup remover to get rid of long-wear lipstick.


Step Two: Clean Off Foundation

As a generalization, makeup experts say that if you spend around 30 minutes to put makeup on your face, you should also allocate the same amount of time to clean it off. Once you have removed makeup you put on in the morning, the next thing you should do is to clean your face. Koreans recommend using an oil cleanser in gentle, circular motions using your fingers. This action will help massage your face as well as clean off the foundation, BB cream, and other products you have put on your face. According to Koreans, massaging the face increases circulation; which in turn leads to brighter skin.


Step Three: Exfoliate Your Skin

After cleaning your face, you should exfoliate your skin using a natural scrub so you can be assured of the ingredients it contains. Scrubbing your face regularly will help make your skin as soft as a baby’s butt. Korean women do not really exfoliate their skin every night as this can also be bad. Instead, they resort to exfoliation twice a month. In addition to this, they recommend concentrating on areas where blackheads frequent or on the T-zone. As for their face, Korean women exfoliate the skin on their face even less.


Step Four: Refresh Your Skin

Compared to toning products available in the US, Korean made toners are less harsh and don’t lead skin to dry out. This is why instead of using the name toner, these products are called refreshers. The reason why Koreans refresh their skin is because they believe it helps in removing the pollutants and other residue from cleansers. At the same time, this step helps restore the pH balance of the skin. They also believe that this step helps soothe and prep the skin before the next step– using Essence.


Step Five: Use a Facial Treatment Essence

Out of all the steps on this list, this is the one that Korean women consider as the most important. Korean beauty brands have a skin care product called a treatment essence, which women soak their face with. In doing so, their skin gets affected by the essence on a cellular level, which results to a faster cell turnover rate. Korean women believe this helps make their skin smoother and brighter.


Step Six: Using an Ampoule

Basically speaking, an ampoule is a super-concentrated version of an essence. In the western beauty industry, this is often referred to as a beauty serum or booster. Ampoules pretty much work the same way as a beauty serum or booster. After continuous use, it is able to help brighten the skin, smoothen fine lines, and helps sun spots fade away.


Step Seven: Wear a Sheet Mask

Koreans use a sheet mask twice a week to ensure their skin is always hydrated. For those who have very dry skin on the face, it is recommended to use a sheet mask more than twice every week. These sheet masks are typically soaked in ingredients that, when applied to the face, soak into the skin. Since these masks force your skin to absorb nutrients and moisture better, you’ll get to enjoy the immediate effects of using them. Once you remove the sheet mask, you’ll notice your face is brighter and more plump. You’ll find a number of sheet mask variants such as the ones that contain avocado extracts, Vitamin E, cucumber, and many more.


Step Eight: Apply Eye Cream

Eye cream is no stranger in the beauty regimen of women throughout the world. Koreans however recommend to gently tap eye cream around the eye area as it results to a better absorption of the product.


Step Nine: Moisturize

Yes, the ninth step that Koreans follow for their skin regimen is to apply moisturizer. This is necessary so that they can ensure that their skin is completely hydrated after a long day outdoors. When applying moisturizer, it is recommended to generously massage the product with gentle strokes as this helps penetrate into the skin more deeply.


Step Ten: Night Cream

The last thing Korean women apply on their skin is a night cream. The reason why Korean women pay so much attention to the ingredients they put on their skin is because they want to make sure it gets hydrated enough as it recharges itself overnight. So the next day, they are able to apply makeup effortlessly once again.


When it comes to beauty regimens, Korean women pay attention to the ingredients on their beauty products. Most of the products they use contain fermented ingredients to ensure that they do not use any chemicals on their skin. If you want to achieve beautiful skin inspired by Korean women, the trick is to apply skin care products regularly and make sure that the ingredients you use are good for your skin. And of course, sleeping without removing your makeup is a big no-no, whether you’re in Seoul, Tokyo, or New York City.



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