Quick and easy healthy menu [Vegetarian version] – Bear with the heat! Special drink

Quick and easy healthy menu [Vegetarian version] – Bear with the heat! Special drink


It is exhausting to go out even for a little bit in Singapore’s particular hot and humid climate. Being hot the whole year, it is not rare to hear about people “gradually losing their appetite and easily getting tired” or “feeling listless.”

It is just normal that we would want to keep our stamina up by taking something high in nutritional value and easy to eat even when we have no appetite. That is why I recommend this highly nutritional fruit & vegetable drink.

Here is a fruit & vegetable “Bear with the heat! Special drink.”

Bear with the heat! Special drink

Ingredients(4 servings)

  • Watermelon…460g(about 1/8 of a big watermelon)
  • Banana…240g(about 3 bananas)
  • Celery…110g(about 1 stick)
  • Cucumber…90g(about 1/3 of a cucumber)

Watermelon - good fruit for diet

★Watermelon is rich in “potassium”, very effective to deal with the weariness from the summer heat, and an amino acid called “citrulline”, which has an analeptic effect. It also has “mannosidase”, a glucose degrading enzyme and “cysteine”, thought to have a positive effect to maintain a fair and beautiful skin. This makes watermelon a recommended sweet for diet and beauty.

Banana is rich in potassium
★Banana is very rich in “potassium” too. It is also good to keep constipation away, since it has a lot of dietary fiber.
In Singapore, you can find still green bananas on sale, but it is preferably to use ripened bananas (the ones that have some black spots called “sugar points” on the yellow skin.)

★The components that are the origin for celery’s particular smell, “sedanolide” and “celinene” are said to increase appetite and act as a tranquilizer.

Organic cucumber
★Cucumber tends to be thought of as low in nutritional value, but it has vitamin C, carotene and potassium. For this time, I chose an organic cucumber, since it is said to be richer in nutritional value.


  • 1)From the watermelon, only use the inside. Cut in cubes of about 4cm. Cut the cucumber, celery and banana (without the skin) in pieces of about 4cm too.
  • 2)Mix all the ingredients in the blender for the final result.
    mix all the ingredients in the blender

Since bananas tend to change color easily, I recommend you make the juice right before you plan on drinking it.

Since it has celery and cucumber, some people may think they will be bothered by the characteristic smell, but the sweetness of watermelon and banana is stronger than it so it is almost unnoticeable. This is a delicious drink even children can have – there are even some who have more than one glass while repeating how good it is!

I invite you to try this drink when you become weary of Singapore’s particular mugginess!

Recipe by: Yuka Cooking Studio

Cooking Studio at Kobe-shi (Hyogo-ken). It runs cooking classes for small groups (6 people per class) and takes part in a wide variety of other activities such as developing menus, health seminars and nutritional consulting. The president, Yuka Motomi, holds cooking classes locally for the wives of Japanese employees assigned to and living in China, spreading the studio’s activities abroad. She also visits Singapore regularly, attends local cooking lessons and visits locally popular restaurants, showing an interest in Singaporean food culture.
URL: http://www.yuka-cooking.com/index.php


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