Easy-to-make, healthy recipe (Organic version) – Plain & sweet soymilk jelly

Easy-to-make, healthy recipe (Organic version) – Plain & sweet soymilk jelly


Everyone loves to gather around with family members and enjoy a delicious plate of sweets. But at the same time, many of us often hesitate to buy these products for our families because desserts and snacks available in the general market contain high amounts of sugar, high calories, food coloring, or additives.

Today, we will introduce to you, “Soy-milk jelly”, a healthy snack made out of organic ingredients.

Plain & sweet soymilk jelly

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • Soymilk (100% soy, non sugar) … 400cc
  • Agar powder … 4g
  • Grated ginger … 2 teaspoons
  • Apple juice (Pure) … 100cc
  • Honey … 4 teaspoons

Organic Soymilk
★ We used an organic soymilk brand found in Singapore for this demonstration. Some soymilk products are not pure and contain water or sugar. Check the labels carefully when choosing a brand.
* Please see this page for further details on the rich nutrients found in soymilk (soy beans).

Stick Agar
★ Instead of agar powder, we used stick agar this time. You can find one for around 2 dollars. You can also use 10g or gelatin powder instead of agar powder.

Organic Ginger
★ We picked out an organic ginger as well. Organic gingers had a softer skin and stronger fiber than the normal ones.
* Please see this page for further details on the rich nutrients found in gingers.


  • 1) Melt the agar powder beforehand.
  • 2) Heat the soymilk and add in 1- Grated ginger and Honey. Once it melts in, filter using a sieve.
  • 3) Add apple juice to #2, pour into a jar, and cool in the refrigerator until it solidifies. That’s it!

It’s easy to eat for young children too because of the sweet taste of apple juice and honey. By adding gingers, the aftertaste is very plain. It’s a perfect dessert after a heavy meal.

Enjoy this plain & sweet dessert with your family!

Recipe from: Yuka Cooking Studio

Yuka Cooking Studio is a cooking school in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture. It holds up to 6 students per class. Their services range from menu development, health seminars, nutrient consulting, and many more. President of the school, Yuka Honmi, extends her business overseas; hosting cooking classes for Japanese wives residing in China. She visits Singapore from time to time to attend cooking classes and visit popular restaurants of the area. She is highly interested in the Singaporean cooking culture.
URL: http://www.yuka-cooking.com/index.php


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