[Soy bean with zero-cholesterol] There is plenty of rich in isoflavone and protein!

[Soy bean with zero-cholesterol] There is plenty of rich in isoflavone and protein!


There are many opportunities to eat cooked dishes and processed foods using soybean every day such as natto (fermented soybean) and boiled beans in Japan, and bean curd and soya milk in Singapore.

There are various opinions on where soybean originated. Some people say that soybean originated from somewhere around Northeast China to Siberia. In 2000 BC and prior, soybean was cultivated over a wide region of China and was also introduced to the Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asia. It is said that soybean probably already existed in Japan during the Jomon period based on archaeological evidence.

From long ago, soybean was called “Meat from the field” due to the fact that it contains lots of high quality protein similar to animal meat and eggs. It has been a useful food to people throughout the world as an available protein source for people who are unable to eat meat due to religious reasons.

In fact, soybean it is not just a good source of protein, but also contains an abundance of components and nutrients that promote health and beauty. In recent years soybean has attracted attention as a type of “Supplement from the field”.

Soybean characteristic components

Soybean protein
One of the three major nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and is a component to make the structure of the body such as blood and muscle. Contains many amino acids, which are said to be the source of life.
Soybean isoflavones
Behaves like the female hormone estrogen and is a component that is said to be important in promoting female beauty. Is effective in preventing osteoporosis and provides relief during menopause brought about by decreases in estrogen.
(*Note that excessive consumption is not healthy. Approximately 30 to 50 mg per day is ideal)
Soybean saponin
Prevents aging and assists in lowering blood lipids such as cholesterol. Effective in increasing the metabolism and also burning fat.
Soybean lecithin
Not only promotes smooth transmission of information to the brain and activates brain cells, but also eliminates excess cholesterol in the blood and removes it from the body. Also effective in preventing hardening of the arteries.
Soybean oligosaccharide
Increases good bacteria in the gut, helps bowel movement and assists digestion and absorption of food. This not only relieves constipation but is also effective against cancer of the bowels.

Soybean also contains various nutrients that are vital to maintain a healthy and young body such as fats, dietary fiber, potassium, iron and vitamin B1. Soybean also contains carbohydrates but when compared to rice or wheat actually have less sugar and have zero cholesterol. Soybean is a food that should be eaten especially by people who are worried about their cholesterol or want to eat healthy while lowering their sugar intake.

Furthermore, one of the characteristics of soybean is the abundance in variation of processed foods that are available such as natto, bean curd, fried bean curd, soy sauce and soya milk. Even for people who say they are not good at cooking or that their ability to cook using soybean is limited, it is easy to use soybean because foods like natto, bean curd and soya milk can be eaten as is without any preparation (note that when using these types of processed soybean products, people who are worried about salt and sugar intake should eat them as is without adding seasoning.)

Try to use processed foods that use soybean every day for your family’s health and to maintain your beauty.

People with food allergies may experience health issues depending on the type of food. Therefore, it is recommended to sufficiently check the food package for details before consuming the food.

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