Skinny for Spring: 7 Healthy Weight Loss Foods for Your Diet


Healthy Weight Loss Foods

Losing that winter weight can be incredibly difficult, especially if you aren’t eating right. While swapping cookies for broccoli can help you shed some extra pounds, it can be hard to put the cookie down in the first place. By adding some of these healthy choices to your diet, you can make eating right a breeze and create better meals while shedding pounds before spring.

Explore this list of seven healthy weight loss foods and see how you can include them in your everyday meals. Many of these foods are budget-friendly and taste great.

1. Cinnamon

This warm spice isn’t always touted as a healthy weight loss food, but it can be a very easy way to burn extra fat. Cinnamon naturally helps you regulate blood sugar. This allows your cells to stay energized throughout the day. Not only does this give you the energy you need to hit the gym, but it also makes your cells less likely to store fat.

Because cinnamon is a spice, it can be added to almost any dish. Many dieters like adding cinnamon sticks to their green tea or using powder in their Greek yogurt or smoothie.

 2. Green Tea

Speaking of green tea, this miracle food has been the cornerstone of many diet plans for decades. Not only is green tea high in antioxidants; it can also improve brain function and make you feel more alert. Combined with its natural caffeine content, this drink is the perfect way to start any day. Another reason green tea is often included in diet plans is its high level of catechins, which are known for their ability to quickly burn belly fat.

Try drinking a small cup of green tea before each meal instead of soda. If you don’t want to drink your green tea, try looking for a supplement online. Many natural weight loss pills include green tea extract and other stimulants, such as apple cider vinegar or acai berries.

3. Berries

Berries have dozens of health benefits and are one of the easiest things to add to a diet plan. You can eat them raw as a snack or throw them into a salad or yogurt. They are naturally sweet, making them a great alternative to chocolate or ice cream.

There are hundreds of varieties, so you can choose your favorite. Some of the best varieties of berries for weight loss are raspberries and blackberries because they contain a high amount of dietary fiber. Other berries, such as acai or blueberries, are full of vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants, which are perfect for making you feel awake and energized. Experiment with different berry blends to create the perfect weight loss snack.

4. Chili Peppers

When people think about eating their vegetables, they often think of eating a giant piece of broccoli or a bowl of spinach. Some vegetables, such as the chili pepper, are often ignored, even though they are in a number of different dishes. If you like spicy food, then you should try adding these small peppers to every meal. Not only do they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, they also have a large amount of capsaicin. This component helps to regulate insulin within your body and boosts metabolism, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise.

5. Eggs

Did you know eggs are one of the most efficient sources of protein you can eat? Not only are they low in calories, but they are also full of B vitamins and fiber. The lutein and zeaxanthin can also help your body repair itself after a long day or an intense workout.

When you are shopping, look for Omega-3 enriched eggs. These eggs contain an extra helping of Omega-3, which can help lower cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids also help speed up fat oxidation, allowing you to burn even more throughout the day.

Try eating eggs at breakfast with your tea or coffee for a big burst of energy early in the day.

6. Grapefruit

While all fruits and veggies are a welcome addition to any diet, grapefruits tend to stand out the most. Grapefruits are known for their high vitamin C content, which can make you feel more awake. The pectin inside the fruit helps to curb your appetite and makes you feel full throughout the day. Grapefruits also contain lycopene, potassium, and choline, all of which help promote a healthy heart.

Since you are already eating eggs for breakfast, why not replace one of your snacks with a grapefruit? Unlike some of the other foods on this list, grapefruits can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and you will still be able to reap all of the benefits.

7. Avocados

Avocados are known for containing a lot of healthy fat, fiber, and protein. One of the biggest benefits of adding avocados to your diet is the healthy serving of oleic acid, a unique compound that helps you feel less hungry throughout the day. While this creamy fruit may have calories and fat, you don’t need to eat that much of it to start feeling full. Try slicing about a quarter of the fruit and adding it to your sandwich or smoothie at lunch.

If you are trying to shake off some of those winter pounds, add all seven of these health foods to your diet as quickly as possible. While you shouldn’t overeat in order to include them, they are very worthwhile and can help you create a diet plan that works for you. To learn more about foods and products that help you lead a healthier life, contact us today.


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