Why You Should Start Running and Love It

Why You Should Start Running and Love It


By now, everyone already knows how beneficial running is. With the number of fun runs and marathons held on a regular basis, it is no longer a surprise why this has gained the attention of health enthusiasts and new runners. But apart from just being a great way to shape up, running has been known to be beneficial to almost every part of your body. If you ever thought about starting a habit for running, there’s no better time to do so than today.


Why You Should Start Running

To be fair, no one really starts loving the habit for running. As a matter of fact, it is not everybody’s favorite type of exercise. But because of the number of health benefits it can produce, the number of runners continue to rise. Also, virtually anyone can start running. When you start, you do not need to own the latest high-tech gear to assist you when you run. In fact, all that you truly need is a supportive sports bra and a pair of good, reliable running shoes.

Plus, you already know how to run. Even as a child, you have already been running around so this will come as no challenge to you. While you may not have the perfect running form, you can easily develop that later on. All you need is to start running and developing it into an enjoyable habit. In no time, you’ll get to see the benefits running will produce to your health.


Health Benefits of Running

From raising your good cholesterol level to boosting your immune system, there are a number of health benefits you can get from running. Here are a few:

Weight Loss

One of the best reasons why people go into the habit of running is because they want to lose weight or maintaining a current weight. Considered as the second most effective exercise to burn off extra calories (next to cross country skiing), it is no longer a surprise why plenty choose to run as a way to lose weight. Adding to the fact that it’s free, there’s no need for individuals to pay an expensive gym membership that they won’t even get to benefit from.

Disease Prevention

Running has been discovered to help lower a woman’s risk for breast cancer. At the same time, it is also known to risk the occurrence of a stroke. This is done by strengthening the heart and retaining the elasticity of the arteries. Not only that, the number of health benefits produced by running has led plenty of doctors to recommend running as a way for people dealing with the early stages of high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis to keep their health in check.

Boost Self Confidence/ Stress Buster

By regularly running, you can uplift your mood and in the process, build your self-esteem. Especially since you get to lose weight and achieve your weight goals, you are able to improve your self-confidence. Running has also been known to relieve mild depression and reduce the risk for developing tension headaches.

Improve Brain Power

Since running enables blood flow to the brain, you get to improve your mental capacity as your brain receives the supply of nutrients and oxygen that it needs. As a result, you become more productive at work.

Stronger Immune System

By developing a habit of running, you get to develop a stronger immune system that will help you suffer less minor illnesses including allergies, colds, menstrual discomfort, fatigue, digestive disorders, and backache.

Longer Sleep

Compared to people who don’t run, runners get to have an easier time to sleep at night and also sleep longer and deeper.

Improves Skin Complexion

While running has been known to help individual’s lose weight, it also helps improve skin complexion. This is because running stimulates the blood circulation in the body. By being able to flush out waste products and improve the transportation of nutrients in your system, you get to have clearer skin and the much fathomed ‘runner’s glow.’

Overall Happy Mood

Exercise has been known to produce endorphins, hormones that stimulate happier moods. Because of this, runners get to experience what is called a ‘runner’s high.’ Regular running has also been known to improve humor, patience, and ambition; which means that it can make you an easy-going and good-tempered person.

Now aren’t these benefits just what you’re looking for? Did we mention that it’s free?


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