Japanese healthy menu using a pumpkin and lemon!

Japanese healthy menu using a pumpkin and lemon!


It goes without saying that Singapore is a country of everlasting summer. Because of strong sunlight and high humidity to the point where even just standing still will cause sweat to start pouring out, simply shopping for the day can cause you to suddenly feel tired when you arrive home…many people would probably say they experience this too.

It is those times that people want to eat refreshing foods. The menu is all the more pleasing if it not only is quick and easy to make, but also is healthy and shows clear results in regards to beauty.

This time I will be introducing you to a Japanese recipe using the nutrient-rich, high in beta-carotene vegetable, the “pumpkin.” Because it can be found in Singapore all year round as well, it’s a very familiar vegetable.

The main nutrients included in pumpkins

  • Vitamin C…not only lightens skin color, produces beautiful skin, and prevents blemishes, but it is also said to be effective against colds and cancer.
  • Vitamin E…a strong antioxidant, it is called by another name, “the vitamin of rejuvenation.” It works to make blemishes and wrinkles difficult to form, alleviates symptoms of menopause such as lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, and hot flashes, as well as has an effect of reducing the chill from poor blood circulation.
  • β (Beta) carotene…emphasizes the effects of vitamin E, is effective for maintaining the health of nails, hair, and skin, works to strengthen the immune system to protect your body from bacteria and viruses, and is effective for protecting against cancer and symptoms of aging.
  • Dietary fiber…shows high effectiveness not only for improving constipation, but also for prevention of diabetes, diseases of the large intestine and colon, as well as heart attacks.
  • Potassium…works to prevent swelling and high blood pressure.

Chilled bowl of boiled lemon pumpkin


【Ingredients (4 servings)】
Sliced lemon…1/2 a lemon
Lemon juice…2 tablespoons
Sliced ginger…40g
Water soluble potato starch…as needed
Sugar…6 tablespoons
Salt…as needed

1) Remove the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin, and shaving the skin in several places, slice it into “comb shapes.”
2) Place the pumpkin in a pot, pour in enough water to cover the pumpkin, turn on the heat, and when it boils skim the scum from the top of the liquid.
3) Add the sugar, lemon slices, ginger slices, and a pinch of salt, put the otoshi buta on (lid that is placed directly on top of the food inside the pot), and continue boiling for about 12-13 minutes.
4) When it gets to the point that a bamboo skewer could pass through it, add the lemon juice and thicken it by adding the water soluble potato starch (about 2 teaspoons).
5) Transfer it to a dish and cool it in the refrigerator.

This time the lemon that adds a point of flavor to the food includes not only vitamin C, but also abundantly supplies a sour component of citric acid. Citric acid is highly effective for recovering from fatigue and is ideal for a body exhausted due to heat.

Why not try adding a dish to dinner tonight for the health of your family that works so hard every day at work or in their studies, as well as for your own beauty?

Recipe provided by: Yuka Cooking Studio

Cooking lessons in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. Operating small cooking classes of up to six people per class, we work extensively with menu development, health seminars, nutrition consulting, and more. The supervisor, Yuka Honmi, is expanding activities abroad as well, such as opening local cooking classes targeting the wives of Japanese men living and working China. Often visiting Singapore, she became interested in the food culture there by stumbling upon excellent local restaurants in addition to attending local cooking classes.

URL: http://www.yuka-cooking.com/index.php


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