Pole Dancing to a Healthy Life

Pole Dancing to a Healthy Life


When people think about weight loss programs, the first thing that usually comes into their minds is that it has to do with a gym activity. Their next comment is that this is a boring way to lose weight and that they would rather opt for another option. What they fail to realize is that there are plenty of other ways people can lose weight and still have fun—one of these alternatives is dancing.

For years, dancing has been considered as a form of art where many people participate in. Through dancing, they not only get to express themselves, they also get to lose weight. While there are many different types of dancing available, there is one option that is slowly getting the attention of many men and women throughout the world: Pole Dancing.


Pole dancing in today’s time

There has been a slow yet steady rise of pole dancing classes throughout the world. As more and more people get to realize how enjoyable this art form is, they open up to the idea of pole dancing and allow it to help them achieve their weight goals.

Considering it is a fun and effective form of exercise, there are plenty who are getting interested in learning more about pole dancing. Especially since it is openly available for any individual—no matter the size, shape, athletic capability and gender, it is no longer a surprise why many have started to consider this art form as a way of losing weight.


What is pole dancing?

Pole dancing is an exercise and art form that combines different steps from dance and gymnastics with the individual’s own strength. The result is not only a beautiful synchronization artfully displayed, it also leads to a full body workout. With this sport, anyone can easily start and have fun while trying to work out.


History of pole dancing

In the past, the idea of pole dancing was limited to promiscuous women and those who work in night clubs. For this reason, there were many who looked down on the activity as it was originally tainted with an undermining reputation.


The first ever Pole Studio was opened in 1994 by Fawnia Dietrich. Ever since this time, the popularity of pole as a form of fitness exercise was quickly adapted and welcomed by people throughout the world. With the creation of the International Pole Sports Federation in 2010, the activity was grasped by more people and welcomed as a decent and successful form of exercise.


Health benefits of pole dancing

Along with the popularity of pole dancing as a form of exercise, people throughout the world began to open up to it and realize its full potential. Aside from being a form of art where people get to express themselves in, pole dancing has been able help improve an individual’s overall health. Specifically, here are some of the benefits that this art form produces to the body:


  • Builds up your self-confidence – Once you have already learned the basics of pole dancing, you’ll be confident enough with the skills you have mastered. Especially since you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles, you won’t be too shy when you do certain things.
  • Helps avoid stress – Pole dancing has the ability to help remove stress from your system. Once an individual is stressed, his adrenaline builds up in his body slowly. As a result, the individual is anxious, depressed and easily annoyed. By using pole as a form of exercise, the adrenaline build up can be converted into endorphins. With this, you’ll be a calmer and happier individual.
  • Improves balance and kinesthetic awareness – Pole dancing helps you improve your kinesthetic awareness. This means that you’ll have a lesser chance of bumping into items and risk getting injured. And with good balance, you’ll be able to avoid common accidents that could potentially hurt you.
  • Makes you feel sexier – Because pole dancing is a fun way to lose weight, it helps you feel a lot sexier. The exercise helps build your stamina and gives you a strong body that you’ll want to keep toning with continuous practice.
  • Helps burn calories – While there are many forms of exercise, pole dancing can help put all the muscles in the body to good use. Since the exercise requires you to lift yourself up, you will be able to keep your arms toned. Because it is a whole body exercise, pole dancing is considered as an isometric and cardiovascular exercise all mixed together. In a 30-minute session, you could burn as much calories as you would with calisthenics or aerobics. With regular practice, you won’t only get better at pole dancing—you also get to notice significant changes in your weight.
  • Strengthens your joints and muscles – Pole dancing helps develop your strong bones and reduces risks for bone related injuries, such as osteoporosis.
  • Helps make you more flexible – When you regularly practice pole dancing, you’ll have a more flexible body and joints. With this, you’ll experience fewer problems such as stiff neck, muscle soreness, and back pain. You’ll get to move more freely and with lesser sprain risks.
  • Helps you fall asleep easier – Regularly participating in pole dancing can help stretch your body and give you the assistance you need in being relaxed. As such, you get to have a good night’s sleep with exercise.
  • Improves blood circulation and heart health – Since your muscles get engaged with exercise, it will help improve your blood flow. For those who have a sedentary lifestyle, this form of exercise can be a big help.
  • Helps provide an easier pregnancy and childbirth stage – For women who are trying to get pregnant, pole dancing can help make this stage in their life a lot easier. This is because the exercise helps in developing abdominal muscles and strengthen the back. With this, you won’t have too much difficulty when giving birth to your child.


The many health benefits that pole dancing provides are not only limited to strengthening your body—they also help improve your emotional and mental health. Not to mention, pole dancing can give your love life a boost.


How to start pole dancing

If you are interested in pole dancing, the first thing you should do is look for a nearby studio where classes are offered. With this, you can sign up for a trial class so you can see how well you enjoy the exercise. Before the class, make sure to prepare your shorts or hot pants. Make sure you avoid using lotion so that your legs can easily grip the pole.


Give pole dancing a try today and see what it can do to your overall health! You’ll enjoy it a lot!


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