[Nursing series vol.1] preparing “The nursing which will come someday”

[Nursing series vol.1] preparing “The nursing which will come someday”


The urbanization reaches Southeast Asia. The medical care is progressing because of the economic development. We see how people become richer and their life is better, but, on the other hand, their problems are keeping up with this.

The life expectancy is getting bigger and, along with this, the “Population aging problem” appears.  As the populations aging goes on, the “Nursing problem” is getting more and more serious.

The old people nursing include cancer and other serious diseases like Alzheimer, bone fractures, etc. There are many nursing cases. The old people nursing often has the following characteristic: children are taking the responsibility of nursing their old parents.

The fact that the number of nursing old peoples per children has increased in the last years is also seen as a problem. Until recent years, when the life expectancy was not so long and there were having many children, the burden hanging over the children was not so big.  But in the present days, along with the economic development in the Asian countries, the life expectancy became 70-80 years, and this brought an increasing number of old people. In addition, the woman emancipation in society caused a decreasing number of childbirths, a problem which becomes more serious. This also influences the number of nursing old people per children.

The children have the impression that the parents who grow them up must take care of themselves. This is because it comes a time when the children will have their own family to take care of, so is very difficult to take care all the time of the old parents. The old people are left in the care of the local authorities, public services and other medical care facilities because the children cannot take care of them anymore. It is important to gather information about the nursing institutions, hospitals, families and other factors that supports the expenses of the nursing.

I don’t know how many of us think that the taking care of their parents is the responsibility of the others, or are thinking that “My parents are still healthy, and there is nothing to worry about.”  There are also a considerable number of people who are not even thinking how it is to take care of their own parents. But the reality is that most of the people who are taking care of their parents said that this came suddenly in their life. It is important to be prepared for the time when your parents will need special nursing because you never know when that comes.

While taking care of your old people, think that you are getting old day by day. In the continuously growing population aging of Japan, the old people are taking care of their old parents. This is another problem called “elders nursing the old ones”, a mutual destructive system. How it will be when we will not be able to take care of ourselves and no one else can’t take care of us? It is important to realize that it will come a time when someone must take care of us too.

I will show you the nursing issue from different points of view next time.

ph_ooiWriter:Ayumi Ooi
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