Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on Vacation


With the arrival of summer, many people are heading out on vacation. Whether it’s a desire to spend some time on the beach, a trip to the mountains, or a week at an amusement park, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Maintaining your healthy lifestyle while you’re on vacation, however, can be a serious challenge. If you want to stay healthy and fit while still enjoying all the relaxing benefits of vacation, there are several things that can help you.

Pack Appropriately

When you’re packing for vacation, you’re thinking about all the things you’ll need to enjoy your stay. Workout clothes might not top the list, but if you’re planning to maintain that healthy lifestyle throughout your vacation, you’ll find that including the right gear is critical. As you make your packing list, be sure to include the things you need most. That might include things like:

  • Workout attire that’s comfortable and appropriate for your destination
  • Any workout DVDs or weights that you use regularly
  • Your running shoes

Packing appropriately also means considering any dietary restrictions. If you’re used to checking your portion sizes in specific containers, go ahead and take them with you. Get the midnight munchies on a regular basis? A few healthy snacks tucked into your bag can prevent you from hitting up a fast food restaurant or a vending machine. It’s all about planning ahead.

Cook for Yourself

If you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends, it may surprise you to discover that renting a condo is no more expensive than, say, two hotel rooms. As an added bonus, when you stay in a condo, you’ll have a full kitchen, a full-size refrigerator, and everything you need to prepare your own meals. That means you can prepare healthy meals just like if you were at home!

While your ingredients may be slightly limited (you don’t want to buy an entire spice rack just for a week-long stay), you’ll quickly discover that you can prepare plenty of your nutritious favorites. Cooking for yourself also has other benefits: it decreases the desire to return home sooner, lowers your trip budget, and helps you keep your stomach in line in spite of your busy travel plans.

Even if you’re staying in hotel rooms, commit to making at least two meals a day as healthy as possible. Granola bars and fruit make a great breakfast on the road, even if you don’t have a fridge, and making sandwiches for lunch is simple whether you’re in a hotel room or on the road. One splurge meal, typically either for lunch or dinner, will allow you to explore everything your destination has to offer without completely breaking your budget.

Use the Space

Most large hotel chains, resorts, and other travel accommodations have a place where you can get away to exercise, even if it’s just a couple of times a week. Take advantage of the hotel gym to sweat off some of those “splurge” calories from your meals out, and you’ll come back from vacation feeling better than ever! Choosing a killer workout can help you make the most of your stay without leaving you feeling exhausted at the end, so you can tuck it in whenever it’s convenient.

If you don’t have access to a gym at your hotel, check out the pool. Getting there early in the morning will help ensure that most families with distracting children aren’t there yet, so you’ll be able to get in some lap swimming. This excellent, low-impact exercise will refresh you and help you get ready for the day. Even if you aren’t usually a swimmer, you’ll find that it’s a stimulating form of exercise that is perfect for lazy vacation days.

Keep Up Your Routine

If you typically practice body weight exercises, yoga, use light hand weights or kettlebells, or go for a long run, there’s great news for you: those exercises are perfect for taking on vacation with you. As a runner, you’ll get to see some great new sights and run a new trail–perfect for shaking up that boring old routine. If you’re using an exercise video, it’s possible that the most interesting thing you’ll see during your workout is the walls of your hotel room, but that’s okay! You’ll still keep yourself feeling great throughout your vacation.

Keep up your regular exercise routine while you’re on vacation, at least as much as is practical, and give yourself permission for an extra rest day or two. After all, you deserve it.

Find New Ways to Get Moving

You don’t have to do traditional forms of exercise to get in some great extra movement and enjoy time with your family. What great activities are offered by your vacation destination? You might find that enjoying some rock climbing, taking a long hike, or playing a game of volleyball on the beach are all excellent ways to burn some extra calories and feel great about all the movement you got in while on vacation.

Vacation is an opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself. It’s also your chance to enjoy time with your loved ones. That doesn’t mean, however, that you want to spend the entire time eating unhealthy food and sitting motionless on the beach. By keeping up with your exercise routine in moderation, you’ll find that you leave your vacation feeling healthier and happier, making the entire event more relaxing.

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