What is the Kylie Jenner Challenge About?

What is the Kylie Jenner Challenge About?


Teenagers nowadays are so addicted to what’s trending on the internet as much as they follow them. They always want to be the first to know about these things so they try to take part in as many trending challenges as they can. If you can still remember the previous challenges that trended on the online world, you’ll be amazed at just how far teens would go to do it. While there may some very serious issues that could derive from these challenges, they claim that it is all for fun.

Last time, things like the Cinnamon Challenge and the Ice Bucket Challenge flooded the internet and took over social media. What originally started as a fundraising activity quickly lost its purpose as people throughout the world started to do it for fun. It quickly lost its meaning when people started doing it without even knowing what the challenge was for. It is sad to know that just because it trended on social media, it became a must do for some people.

Unless you’ve been living on a rock the past few weeks, you may have missed out on the latest online challenge—the Kylie Jenner Challenge. Without question, the trend suddenly became famous on Twitter and teens throughout the world have started to take part in it. Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, which tried to raise awareness for ALS; the Kylie Jenner Challenge is nothing but a crazy attempt to pucker up one’s lips. Instead of doing something worthwhile, teens that have participated in this challenge end up hurting themselves with it. So if you think this is a challenge worth checking out, you should think again. Here is everything you need to know about the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

Who is Kylie Jenner?
First things first, it’s important to determine who Kylie Jenner is. Kylie Jenner is a 17-year-old American reality show star that happens to be the stepsister of Kim Kardashian, where they star in the same TV show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Apart from being a reality TV star, she has also been chosen as a model for many different names in fashion.

What is the Kylie Jenner Challenge all about?
Throughout the months, Kylie Jenner has been envied by many because of her plump lips. Until today, many wonder if her lips have been enhanced through cosmetic surgery or makeup. Despite the number of times Jenner has denied going under the knife, many cannot seem to agree that her lips are due to makeup. This is why they look for different ways they can achieve the same effect her lips produces. This leads to how the Kylie Jenner Challenge was born.

How to do the Kylie Jenner Challenge?
When the Kylie Jenner Challenged trended online, it came with a number of videos of teenagers attempting to plump up their lips without the need to go under the knife. What these kids are doing to plump up their lips is to use a shot glass instead of lipstick. They place the shot glass over their lips and suck for a few minutes. The result of this, however, looks alarming as they appear like a bruise over the lips.

Is it safe to do the Kylie Jenner Challenge?
While participants of the Kylie Jenner Challenge could lead to bruises around the lips, it could also be a very dangerous to do. According to dermatologists and health experts, doing the Kylie Jenner Challenge could not only lead to bruising but could lead to further damages.

For one thing, sucking on a shot glass induces negative pressure that causes vessel engorgement. This means that your blood vessels could be filled with blood and could set off an inflammatory array of chemicals. When these chemicals flood your soft tissue, they could swell up. And if you suck hard enough, your fragile blood vessels could break and this is what leads to bruising.

Since videos of participants of the Kylie Jenner Challenge show that they suck the shot glass for a minute or more, health experts believe that this could lead to long term damage. If that’s not all, the blisters and bruises that come from the challenge could blister up and require antibiotics to heal. The bruise can last from seven to 10 days and could even look gross. For those that are prone to cold sores, the sensitive skin on the area could be seriously damaged.

Another pressing issue is the fact that the shot glass can break from the pressure of sucking too strongly. When this happens, it could produce cuts around the mouth.

Should you do the Kylie Jenner Challenge?
Dermatologists advise against doing the Kylie Jenner Challenge as it could lead to health problems on your part. If you would like to get plumper lips, the best way you can do it is to use makeup to achieve the look. You should not attempt to do the challenge in lieu of makeup since you can just achieve the look with the use of makeup, which is a safer alternative.

Cosmetic surgery option
If you would like to have permanent fuller lips, you can opt for cosmetic surgery to achieve the look you are going for. You can seek the help of a plastic surgeon to help you get lip augmentation so you won’t have to worry about having full lips or doing the Kylie Jenner Challenge on a daily basis and lead to further damaging yourself.

Natural way to get plumper lips
If you want plumper lips, you can follow a natural alternative to doing it. An option is to mix equal parts of cayenne pepper, cinnamon and coconut oil. Once you have mixed the concoction, you can put it on your lips before tapping it off using a warm cloth. The result of this natural concoction is plumper lips that would be a great way to look like Kylie Jenner’s.

Kylie Jenner’s lips may be all the rage right now but they will certainly be over in a few weeks or months. You may want to forego permanent changes to your lips so you won’t be stuck with the trend.


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