Japanese Manga-inspired makeup tips

Japanese Manga-inspired makeup tips


Long inspired by the Japanese anime art form, Manga magazines, comics, and films have given birth to a new trend in makeup. Whether they opt for the fully-painted, costumed look of painting the entire eyelid, or go for the (slightly) more subdued practice of using makeup to make open eyes appear larger, women are embracing the fun of pretending to be cartoon characters. Learn here how to turn your eyes into the stuff of fantasy with the following Manga-inspired makeup tips.


Hop on the new trend of manga-inspired makeup and learn how to define your eyes in a doll-like fashion. Manga makes eyes appear larger, so you’ll want to emphasize what you’ve got. Unless you’re wearing false eyelashes (always a smart choice for manga-inspired makeup) you’ll need to start by curling your eyelashes and adding several coats of a volumizing mascara. For best results, comb lashes between coats to help separate and define.

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White Eyeliner

Create a unique manga-inspired look by using white eyeliner in addition to a liquid black line. White eyeliner helps to exaggerate the eye area, and makes it appear much larger. Rather than line the upper eye with standard liner, you’ll want to draw a thick white line as close as possible to the rim, along your top lashes. This will extend the whites of your eyes. Directly apply black liquid eyeliner above the white line and you’ll help enlarge the area even more. This application creates a false beginning and end to your natural eyelid. Both techniques are key in capturing anime doll eyes.

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Eye Shadow

There are basically two eye shadow options to mimic manga style. You’ll either opt for a wearable application that can be worn daily on your own eyelids, or a theatrical option that is exaggerated and playful, creating the look of a fake eye right on top of your own closed eyelid. Both require different makeup palettes and techniques. With the fake manga eyelid, the goal is to literally create an open eye on your lid. To do this, imagine drawing an eyeball, and then define it with all the colors of a regular eye makeup application, including using a white eyeliner to create not only the definitive line, but also the whites of the eye. You can also use heavy duty body paint if you want a longer-wearing, theatrical result.

Kazumi Eye Shadows

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For a more traditional manga eye shadow using your own assets, apply a light neutral hue. White eye shadow works best to create unbelievably huge eyes. Use a dark brown eye shadow and an angled shadow brush to draw a thin line on your bottom lashes. 


Anime makeup is all about those large, doe-like, superhero eyes. While you can wear a bright or fashionable lip color, less is truly more. Instead, opt for a clear gloss or even a lip moisturizer to create a youthful and dewy mouth. For your cheeks, keep them fresh and fun and wear a pink powder blush and apply it directly to the apples of your cheeks. 

Anime and manga makeup isn’t just for Cosplay. Who doesn’t want larger-than-life eyes? With these simple techniques, you can create your own little fantasy world, where you are the star. You should bat your lashes to that.


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