Japanese Beauty Tips for Flawless Skin and Hair Care

Japanese Beauty Tips for Flawless Skin and Hair Care


Isn’t it amazing that all Japanese women have flawless skin, lush hair and look much younger than their age? How do they manage to keep their looks so youthful even in their later years? Some may argue that the way people age is a matter of DNA but still, there should be something else that aids Japanese women in maintaining such a flawless look. After an exciting trip to Japan, we found out first hand that there are certain beauty secrets that all Japanese women follow and today we’d like to share our findings with you.

Skin Care

We’ve all heard the saying that “beauty is more than skin deep”. Well, in the Land of the Rising Sun this is true. Skin care for Japanese women goes far beyond choosing the right cosmetic products. While they do follow certain skin regimens, which just like in the West vary from person to person, the real secret to their beauty is a healthy, stress-free and balanced lifestyle.

Japanese women generally refrain from eating fatty foods, and meals containing a lot of meat or sugar. Furthermore, the Japanese detoxify their bodies on a daily basis by drinking substantial amounts of green tea and strive to live a calm and stress-free life. As for make-up, contrary to the wide-spread belief, most women that we met during our trip to Japan keep their skin care routines as simple as possible. According to them, the less products you use on your skin, the better.

Furthermore, the Japanese have an easy access to seaweed, which they’ve introduced in their diet and in their cosmetic tradition. Rich in zinc, iodine and many other minerals this food keeps their skin glowing and their bodies fit. If you have ever been on a trip to Japan, you would know that they also love to eat algae and fish – these foods help them protect their skin from pollution and UV rays.

If eating seaweed is too exotic for your taste, try mixing it with water and applying it as a facial mask on your skin for even tan and rejuvenated looks.

Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, Japanese women believe that a minimalistic approach is the best solution for great hair. For instance, they wash their hair not more than twice a week, and with gentle products that don’t contain sulfates or other harsh ingredients that dry and damage hair. Instead of alkaline based shampoos, found in the shops, the Japanese ladies use seaweed powder mixed with water and treat their hair with Camellia oil prior to each wash.

Another important habit of the women of the Far East is that they rarely brush their hair. They only use a wooden comb after washing and that’s it. Many even admit that they don’t even own a brush! As our trip to Japan progressed, it became more and more clear to us that the most important factor in hair care is again the diet.

The balanced and healthy diet of the Japanese aids them in achieving the perfect hair volume and stamina. Besides traditional foods such as fish, which is rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, the Japanese consume a lot of oranges and other fruits, containing vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy, luminous and glossy hair.


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