Top 3 Things To Do When Holidaying In Japan

Top 3 Things To Do When Holidaying In Japan


You’ve packed your bags and readied yourself for great vacation ahead. With the tickets in hand, you arrive at the airport and make your way to the airline of your choice. Your destination? Japan.

When Holidaying in Japan, you can make it a real life changing event. The Japanese pride themselves on the basics and necessities of life. This is surely one thing that we sorely need and that is ensuring that the fundamentals are taken care of. One of these basics is a healthy lifestyle.

We explore various ways to make the most of your trip, and while there are many different activities to choose from that will fill your itinerary, it’s almost seen as being vital to add these top three activities to enrich your experience.

External Care and pampering

A healthy lifestyle would consist of many different facets, but it’s important to understand the intricately interwoven aspects. In the same way that reflexology, being an external act of strategically massaging point on your feet, can directly affect internal organs, going to a spa have great benefits for your mental and physical state of being. There are countless spas in and around Japan and a visit to one of them should feature on top of your priory list. You will be able to get an all natural facial, consisting of plant extracts, and other ingredients harvested fresh from the earth. You’ll also be able to enjoy the many natural mud spring baths that will give your body the perfect exfoliation experience. Your hands and feet are just as delicate as the rest of your body, and the Japanese believe that these two body parts should be treated with such care and gentleness. You can get lost in the amount of pampering one would receive from such places. These massages feature among the best that this world has to offer. The Japanese have been known to be purveyors of the perfect Asian massage. You can cap all of this off, with a nice and steamy hot sauna bath. You’re going to wish that you could stay there forever. In Japan, this skill has been mastered to a fine art.

Internal Care and health

There is something unique to Japan, that the other Asian countries cannot come close to duplicating for you. The Japanese take not only there outer health serious, but they also make a point of keeping their inner health up to par.  There is a belief that the Japanese teas are filled with antioxidants, to help rid your body of free radicals. Of course this directly leans to another saying of what you put in is what you get out and also along the lines of you being what you eat.

Although you can now find some of their cuisine in most countries, Japan still has the authentic sushi. Japanese sushi is prepared in such a way, that it’s distinguishable from the other Asian countries version. Sushi gives your body lots of omega 3 fatty acids. These omega 3s also have antioxidant properties in them. Your body will love what you’ve done for it, when you treat it to some of Japan’s most fine cuisine. You can decide from an array of restaurants that will be glad to serve up a hearty and healthy meal to you and your family.

Mind health

The mind is one of the most precious parts of us. This is where we develop thoughts, make plans, and build perceptions. When the mind is cluttered it affects so many aspects of us. We’ve covered outer physical health, and inner physical health, now we deal with the inner you. Traditional practices in Japan cater to the very essence of your inner self. You’re able to receive a holistic treatment, which in turn gives you the life changing event that was mentioned previously.

Meditation spas are one way of getting to your inner self. These spas help you to relax with a tremendous amount of concentration. You’re able to forget about the hustle and bustle, and the stresses of the life you’ve left behind at home.

You’ve taken care of the home, and the family, now it’s time for you to relax, and get rejuvenated. Everyone seems to put everything on you, It’s time for you to have the holiday of your life. There are lots of things to do in Japan, but there are three things in particular that would be considered, the top three things to do, while holidaying in Japan.

Those things are highlighted

Every aspect of being fully you is important, and Japan offers many more rejuvenating experiences. Have fun in Japan and walk away as good as new.