Should You Be Drinking Hydrogen Water Now?

Should You Be Drinking Hydrogen Water Now?


Biological systems need water to function. Water, having a unique molecular structure, constitutes all organisms. Earth and its humans rely on water for sustenance; and ultimately, for survival. At present, people are encouraged to develop a better understanding of its health qualities especially with developing talks about hydrogen-rich water.

So what’s the buzz about it? Why processed water? Is it merely tampered water meant to cast a placebo-like effect on consumers? Not quite. Most may be unfamiliar about this concept for now, but its potential for the future is enormous.

Hydrogen-rich water still remains to be highly intriguing for now, but a consultation with your trusted doctor will shed light on its characteristics and benefits. For the meantime, here is what you need to know further.



When hydrogen and oxygen bond with a ratio of 2 to 1, water becomes its product. Therefore, there is no water without this highly useful element in the equation. What most people don’t know is that water is categorized based on the percentage of hydrogen found in it.  The truth is, 99% of what humans consume for various purposes is rated poorly as far as the presence of hydrogen is concerned.

Why poor? Hydrogen is made up of only one proton and one electron, thus making it the lightest gas in the entire universe. When water is infused with hydrogen gas, it merely escapes into thin air, pun intended. It evaporates quickly and is not an easily accessible component in water.

Humans and biological systems may be getting by, but this truth also presents an opportunity to aim for a richer quality of life.  In which case, hydrogen water and its creation present a great potential for human consumption.


What is it made of?

How is hydrogen-rich water created? A simple chemical reaction is all it takes. Can I prepare it at home? Yes, you can.

Since human body cells need to access hydrogen easier, this is what the process is for. Normally, a ceramic stick that contains metallic magnesium is placed inside a bottle containing plain water. Once this is done, a reaction takes place which produces hydrogen in a constant manner.

Antioxidant water generators are now available in the market. This makes it easy for people to produce their own hydrogen-rich water; and leaving them no excuse to not lead a healthier lifestyle.  Water packs and sticks are also being marketed for a portable alternative.


Why use it?

People are bound to consume hydrogen-rich water because of its exceptional antioxidant properties. Moreover, it aids in bodily functions. To expound, the human body is primarily responsible for its key functions, as its systems exist by nature. But when hydrogen is introduced to the body, it gives more use to water. Increased potential for usage means that there is also more to maximize.

What are the given benefits? These direct mechanisms lead the way.

–        Since hydrogen acts as the antioxidant for your body, it helps ease the burden of the immune system. Damage reduction is a beneficial function that keeps your body intact and able to recover quickly. While in a better physical state, you can also enjoy a better quality of life for the years to come.

–        Each cell in a human body must be powered up to sustain functions, and hydrogen takes on this role. With empowered cells, you can depend less on food for energy day in, day out. An acceptable decrease in consumption also means that there is less toxin buildup in the body.



Hydrogen-rich water is marketed through many benefits. Consumers always want to know what they will get out of a breakthrough. To highlight some of the notable ones:

  • Effective inner body detoxification – rejuvenation starts from the inside and reflects in your outer appearance
  • Body temperature regulation – thus decreasing the possibilities of physical fatigue and heat loss with temperature imbalance
  • Better nutrient absorption by bodily cells – maximizing nutrients that come from the food you eat
  • Improved/regulated digestion and circulation – to keep your tummy happy and healthy
  • Maintained alertness for the mind – to have better focus and perception

There are pilot studies focused on examining the comprehensive benefits of hydrogen-rich water. Here’s an added overview of the effects based on different contexts:

Diabetes – Reportedly, hydrogen-rich water has the ability to improve the health of patients suffering (or bound to suffer) from this condition. A total of 36 patients were tested in a study in which two groups were made to drink 30 ounces of hydrogen-rich water and plain water respectively. After the eight-week testing period, those who consumed the former had shown improved glucose metabolism.

Cancer – Cancer patients who undergo radiation treatment are in for a tough ride. Ironically, these treatments decrease one’s quality of life where after sessions, patients always end up in extreme fatigue. A certain Dr. Nakao led a study in 2011 involving 49 liver cancer patients who were undergoing radiation that time. The suggested consumption was two quarts of hydrogen rich water lasting up to six weeks. Results that showed decreased cell injury were in favor of hydrogen-rich water compared to tap. Ultimately, the goal was to prove that they too enjoy a better living.


For every breakthrough in the health industry, there is a corresponding catch. Pros are often leveled out by the cons, but sometimes there are more benefits than setbacks. Still, it is important to acknowledge the potential of hydrogen-rich water without forgetting to ask questions such as “Is it completely safe?” and “Should we all be drinking it?”


There are reports from people saying that they have experienced headaches, mild heartburns and loose stools which can be connected to their intake of hydrogen-rich water.


The same Dr. Nakao who initiated the 2011 study on liver cancer patients personally vouched that these perceived/actual effects are to be considered negligible. The percentage of magnesium found in the sticks is way lesser than what a human would normally expect from a normal diet. In which case, it can be consumed in the long run to help aid therapeutic effects in a person’s body and overall health.



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