How to Get Started With Barre


Nowadays, there are already so many different workout programs to choose from that sometimes it can be hard to find one to stick to. This is often the reason why people are unable to be successful with the exercise they are part of as they always want diversity in the things they do. But if you are someone who already has an idea of what you want to do as an exercise, it can play a huge importance in being successful.


There’s one workout program that’s not exactly new but still is getting a lot of people interested in– Barre3. If you’ve never heard about what this program is, it just might be the exercise you are looking for!


What is Barre3?


As founder Sadie Lincoln describes it, Barre3 is an exercise that makes use of a combination of postures from ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Just like ballet, the exercise makes use of a barre to hold onto for balance while exercises are being done. And as an exercise, barre3 focuses on the body’s isometric strength training through high repetitions of movements with a small range-of-motion. This means that while you hold your body in place, you perform a series of muscle-specific exercises. It is far different from the other types of workout programs wherein a wider range of motion is used to stimulate several points of the body at once.


Apart from the barre, other props that may be used during a class include light handheld weights and floor mats. The weights help in bringing the burn during the repetitions while the mats are useful for targeted core work.


How is it done?


One of the biggest concerns people have about barre3 is that they are frightened with the idea that it is a dance form. Particularly for those who are not confident with their dancing skills, doing the workout shouldn’t be a challenge. Barre does not require experienced dancers since it is composed of very simple series of repetitive actions. A class typically starts with mat-based warm-ups consisting of push-ups and planks before some arm exercises are performed. After the warm-up, you’ll have to move onto the barre where you work on your thighs and glutes through some exercises on the lower-body area. The last part of the workout is done with some core-focused exercises either on the barre or on the mat.


Benefits of doing Barre3


To be honest, barre3 can be an expensive workout. This is why before you decide to have a go at it, you should already be determined that this is something you’d want to try out. And once you stick to it, you’ll start to see the benefits such as the following:


You get stronger

Since a barre class targets isometric contractions, your muscles get stronger without changing length. The exercise will teach you to hold a posture for a long time and still perform one-inch movements. And later on, these actions will get stronger and stronger each time. Compared to exercises that do otherwise, barre helps you strengthen your muscles without straining ligaments or tendons. As such, there’s a lesser risk of getting injured with barre3 compared to a traditional strength training exercise.


You increase your endurance

Barre consists of constant strength training. And over time, your heart rate and endurance also gets improved. Since the small movements are done quickly and with short breaks, you can still manage to catch your breath.


You strengthen your core

Compared to other exercises where you work on a particular area at a given time, barre helps you engage your core as you are working on your arms or thighs. The exercise concentrates on strengthening your core since your performance also depends on it.


Your flexibility improves

Since barre3 is essentially composed of ballet stretches, your muscles get elongated. As a result, you get to be more flexible, balanced and aligned.


Your bone health is improved

The more you keep doing barre exercises, your muscles also get stronger. The constant resistance and tension you place on your muscles through the exercise can make your bones stronger. This is a great way you can fight off osteoporosis that typically comes with age.


Your cellulite gets reduced

Barre exercises are considered to be fat-blasting since you perform some aerobic activities in each class. As you continue with your exercise, barre will help you lose weight and even get rid of cellulite. This will be a big help if you’ve always wanted to have killer legs and a tight butt.


You improve your heart rate

Another advantage you get when all areas of your body are worked on at the same time is that it can help raise your heart rate. You don’t strain your heart with the different exercises you do.


You get to improve your mind and body concentration

Barre can help you be more self-aware as opposed to other regular strength-building exercises. And since barre can help build muscular activation for the commonly underused muscles, you get to strengthen your neuromuscular connection.


You get to have fun and meet new people

Like you, there are plenty of other men and women who are looking for ways they can have fun and lose weight in the process. Since barre is mainly incorporated with dance, you can discover that it is actually a very fun and exciting way to workout. And together with the other individuals who share the same passion as you, you’ll be able to see just how enjoyable barre can be.


How to Get Started with Barre?


The good thing about barre is that you don’t really need a lot of equipment to start practicing it. As a matter of fact, the exercise makes use of your own body weight or a few resistance bands for your arm exercises. For the exercises targeting your lower-body, you can invest in a soft exercise ball. And lastly, you won’t even need to wear shoes since most studios will recommend that you wear socks with a sticky grip below it. Meanwhile, other studios recommend that you go barefoot. The result, however, is purely something up to you.




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