Happy Lunar New Year !!


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Hope you had a great time for Lunar New Year.
We all have fun in this festive season but didn’t you feel eating too much ? Well, I do. I feel guilty having too much good seafood… tasty but with high cholesterol !!

But, this year I feel a bit different.
Because I’ve found something great that makes me feel less guilty after having too much good food !!

We are now so excited about launching our first supplement, Daizu Beniet, to be available for online shopping via this website.


You may have heard about red yeast rice is good for lowering cholesterol. Well, this Daizu Beniet is made of soya beans from the clean land of Hokkaido, coated with this red yeast rice. 100% pure natural foods for your daily snacks that gives you all the benefit of soya beans and red yeast rice !!

How about the taste ? Crispy !! No sugar coated !!
Worrying about eating too much ? It is packed by Gunze, Japanese manufacturer in Japan, in a cute little red box and you will find 30 packets in there so that you can enjoy having one for a day.

Daizu Beniet will be soon available at Ippin Cafe Bar at Mohamed Sultan, Singapore, where you can find most trendy healthy Japanese foods for retail. Drop in and enjoy a glass of Sake before you go for dinner in Clarke Quay !!

Ippin Cafe Bar