(From Japan) Introducing 2013’s latest anti-UV products!

(From Japan) Introducing 2013’s latest anti-UV products!


Japan will soon enter the heart of summer. Each year at this time new anti-UV products are introduced, which attract a lot of attention. Because the Japanese summer is hot and humid like Singapore, these products are useful for UV protection in that country as well.

Working with Japan’s Tokyo Hands, which carries a number of such items, we were introduced to some of 2013’s latest anti-UV products.

Ishizawa Laboratories Ultra-violet Rays Forecast UV Cream (40 g) (¥1,890 including tax)

Ishizawa Laboratories Ultra-violet Rays Forecast UV Cream



This pleasant non-parabel, non-alcoholic, waterproof sunscreen is gentle on the skin. One feature that has made this product popular is that there is no dry and sticky feeling with use. This item has many repeat customers and has stayed popular.


Foldable Hat with Sunshade – Black (¥980 including tax)

Foldable Hat with Sunshade



99% UV cut rate. The wide brim covers not only the face but the back of the neck as well. By folding the hat it can be easily stored in a bag, a feature that has made it popular among the housewife demographic. Its simple design lends itself a wide variety of uses–from going shopping to watching sporting events outdoors.


Higasunne – UV Cut Spray for Use over Makeup (¥840 including tax)

Higasunne - UV Cut Spray for Use over Makeup



This UV-cut spray can be used over one’s makeup whenever the sun’s rays become a worry. One of this products strengths is that applying the spray does not require the reapplication of makeup, so it can casually be applied before going out. It’s very reasonable price is another reason for its popularity.


Marshmallow Puff UV & Aroma Series (¥1,050 including tax)

Marshmallow Puff UV and Aroma Series



Although this is a light and comfortable, lamé infused powder, it offers superior protection; it is SPF 45 and PA+++, and fully cuts UV rays. It is highly water resistant and does not come off through sweating, while its delicate aroma brings relaxation. The packaging is also cute. This product has attracted much notice for being a type of anti-UV product, which had not previously existed.


If you are Japanese and living in Singapore, consider buying these products to use in Singapore on visits to Japan. If you are from Singapore, we recommend buying them as souvenirs for friends during trips to Japan. These latest anti-UV products will work perfectly to counteract the effects of UV rays in Singapore too.

Information Provider: Tokyu Hands



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