Are you enjoying discount shopping at the “Great Singapore Sale”?

Are you enjoying discount shopping at the “Great Singapore Sale”?


The “Great Singapore Sale” (GSS) is held every year for 2 months, from the end of May to the end of July, within Singapore. I bet there are a lot of people who spend the year waiting for this event and have already got some good bargains.

Originally, the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) was an event planned in 1994, by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) (Singapore Tourism Promotion Committee at the time.) At the beginning it was held only at Orchard Road and lasted for four weeks.

Since the Singapore Association of Retail Trade became the sponsor in 1998, the sale has been held not only in Orchard but in other areas. Including but not limited to shopping malls and retail stores, it started to be applied in restaurants, shops related to beauty and health, sightseeing spots, local tours and local online websites, and it became established as an event involving the whole country.


This year is the memorial year, celebrating the 20th anniversary since GSS was started. Nowadays, GSS is held in many different places, including shopping malls and retail stores.

“PARAGON”, representative shopping mall of Orchard Road, is carrying out a sale plan this year starting at the same time as the GSS.

PARAGON has a luxurious in store atmosphere, since it gathers first class brands such as Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, miu miu, BVLGARI, Burberry, etc… There are probably many people looking forward to leisurely shopping at PARAGON.

The PARAGON sale is filled with special benefits for customers who have a Citibank card!


Members of Citibank Paragon WORLD MasterCard will have a chance to get a 40 dollar PARAGON shopping voucher when they spend 450 dollars or more with their card (1 receipt.) Members of Citi Paragon Platinum MasterCard and members of any Citibank credit card will have a chance to obtain a 30 dollar voucher.

Also, those making a purchase of 1,300 dollars of more on the same day with a Citibank Paragon WORLD MasterCard or a Citi Paragon Platinum MasterCard will receive an “Adolfo Dominguez” coin poach valued in 99 dollars as a present. Members of a Citibank Credit or Debit card who spend 12,000 dollars or more will receive a bottle of Cristal Champagne (valued in 400 dollars.) Those who make a purchase of at least 650 dollars (within 2 receipts in 1 day) will be able to get a set of “L’Occitane” products.


On top of this, during the sale period there will be live acoustic performances in the 1st floor at lunch time (starting at 12:30.) *The performances schedule can be checked at the following homepage:

Lim Hui

Richard Jackson


Rob Collins

Sebastian Ho


We heard from Fiona Foo, the person in charge of publicity, that “There is a limited number for the presents, and actually there was another present project besides this one that already finished. By seeing how the customers’ eagerness to buy increases, we can tell that they are satisfied with our GSS promotion.” Those who would like to get some present, should most likely go to PARAGON as soon as they can.

Of course, the sale is not going on only in PARAGON. There are sale events going on all around Singapore. So those of you have not got your bargain yet, and even those who have already found what you wanted but you still want to enjoy shopping at a reasonable price, enjoy the “Great Singapore Sale!”

*Those who want to know more about the Great Singapore Sale please check this website out.

Store information


Address: 290 Orchard Road, Singapore
Business hours: 10am – 9pm


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