Bringing just harvested vegetables from Japan to Singapore’s tables! Let’s use the 「Ginza Farm Selection」 delivery service.

Bringing just harvested vegetables from Japan to Singapore’s tables! Let’s use the 「Ginza Farm Selection」 delivery service.


Not only Japanese expats living in Singapore, but also the Singaporeans know that “Japanese vegetables and fruits are really tasty and of high quality.” The majority of people will most likely agree that, when eating Japanese vegetables and fruits, they would rather have “just harvested products, since that is when they are at their best” and “would like to have access to them at as reasonable a price as possible.”

It is for this people that we would like to recommend the “Ginza Farm Selection” delivery service of Japanese vegetables and fruits!


Ginza Farm Selection is a EC website started recently, on July 2013, by “Ginza Nouen,” a company managing urban agriculture and the business of agricultural circulation in Japan. They offer a service to make “next-day” deliveries of vegetables and fruits harvested in Japan to Singapore – this will surely make the delights of many.

Currently they have two different types of products from Setouchi available: a “vegetables set” and a “fruits set.” The Setouchi sea area has a warm and stable climate, which makes it the ideal place to cultivate vegetables and fruits. Rain being rather scarce in the area, these tasty vegetables and fruits, grown under a shiny bright sun, are delivered to Singapore directly from the source.

”Special Vegetables Set”〜Bringing to you the freshest seasonal vegetables!


”Seasonal Fruits Set”〜Delivering fresh and juicy fruits!


Vegetables and fruits delivered directly from the source are not only tasty and fresh, but also safe and high quality – proof of which is the fact that they have to clear a strict quality control check before entering Singapore. In addition, “Ginza Nouen” president Mr. Iimura has stated that one of his goals for the company is to “offer even ‘cheaper’ and ‘tastier’ products than the Japanese vegetables that can be bought at regular supermarkets in Singapore.” This is the best chance so far to enjoy fresh Japanese vegetables and fruits at Singaporean tables. Be sure you give it a shot!

By the way, “Ginza Nouen” is currently experimenting with the production of tomatoes with high sugar content in a house of about 1200 square meters in a corner of “,” an agricultural area in Singapore. According to the president, Mr. Iimura, they “are experimenting to find the perfect way of producing tomatoes in Singapore for the local people to eat.”




It may be possible that in the near future the locals will be able to experience harvesting “Japanese Singapore-produced high sugar tomatoes” in Singapore!?

Ginza Nouen


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