Let’s cook Gado-gado, tasty Javanese Salad with Peanuts Dressing for Your Health

Let’s cook Gado-gado, tasty Javanese Salad with Peanuts Dressing for Your Health


Salad is always good for your health, as vitamin and other useful substances in the vegetables which is the salad main ingredient. I will bring a very simple recipe on how to cook Gado-gado, which is a traditional Javanese salad that can be cooked by anyone in the comfort of their homes and kitchens.

Very simple recipe on how to cook Gado-gado



150 gram cabbage, sliced
50 gram bean sprouts, cleaned
6 pieces long beans, sliced
1 piece white tofu, fried
150 gram tempeh, fried
1 piece of cucumber, diced
2 eggs, boiled
Plenty of fried shrimp chips
Additional vegetables: fresh lettuce, tomato

Peanut dressing/ sauce


300 gram peanuts, fried and mashed
500 ml coconut milk from a coconut
1 piece of lemongrass, crushed
2 orange leaves
4 tbsps tomato ketchup
2 tbsps soya beans sweet ketchup
2 tbsps cooking oil
Grinded spices:
2 piece chillis
5 cloves onion
3 cloves garlic
2 cm lesser galangal
1 tsp salt

How to Cook


1.Sauce: heat the oil, saute grinded spices until shriveled. Stir fry seasoning with peanuts, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime leaves, tomato sauce, soy sauce, then stir and boil , remove them from the frying pan.


2.Put all vegetables (except fresh lettuce and tomato) into a boiled water , remove and drain.


3.Prepare the dish, order all boiled vegetables, tofu, and tempeh. Pour peanut sauce or serve separately, add fried onions. Complete with a poached egg, fresh lettuce and sliced tomato, fried shrimp chips and serve.

The peanut can make skin supple and smooth, which generate younger looking

Had blamed as the cause of acne and obesity, this one of tropical leguminous plants contains number of benefits for health. Peanuts contain Omega 3 as a polyunsaturated fat and Omega 9 which also known as a monounsaturated fat. In addition, nuts also contain phytosterols which serves to lower cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels by restraining the absorption of cholesterol and foods that circulated in the blood, and reduce the re-absorption of cholesterol from the liver and keep HDL in its conducive level.

Consuming one ounce of peanuts as much as five times a week has been proven to prevent heart disease. The content of peanuts in the body will increase the heart pumping ability and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. If you are diabetic, consider to eat a handful of peanuts several times a day as a good and necessary habit. It is also believed that peanuts consumption will reduce the silt of diabetes-causing substances in our body.

Poly phenolic antioxidants (resveratrol) in peanuts may reduce the risk of stomach cancer, fungal infection (vaginal discharge) and neurological problems (insomnia). Peanuts are also rich in vitamin E, which is a substance that is needed to protect the skin from free radicals and other harmful substances. They can make skin supple and smooth, which generate younger looking. By consuming peanuts we will get two things at once, a healthy body and a face that shine beautifully every day. So why should we afraid of peanuts?

Writer:Dyah Swastantika
Malang, Indonesia


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