Enhancing Asian Beauty for Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, and Mesomorphs


Not all women are beautiful in the same way. Asian beauty is very different from American or European beauty. It’s necessary to care for it and nurture it in a different way. Asian women have different body types that respond better to different forms of exercise, and they look better in different types of clothing. However, this doesn’t mean that Asian women shouldn’t wear Western clothing; you just need to know which Western clothes will fit your Asian body type best.

Whether you’re Chinese, Japanese, South Asian, or any other type of Asian beauty, just remember to care for yourself in a way that makes you feel good. A woman who feels good looks good too. She has a natural glow and a sense of effortless elegance. Here are a few Asian beauty tips for you to follow:

Figure Out Your Body Type

Most body types are divided into three categories: ectomorphs, who are really skinny; mesomorphs, who are athletic-looking; and endomorphs, who have a tendency to gain weight. Which of these three types are you?

The answer should generally be quite obvious. If you keep trying to gain weight but can’t do so, you’re an ectomorph. If you are always gaining weight, you’re an endomorph. And if you gain muscle mass easily, you’re a mesomorph.

Nowadays, most clothing is made for ectomorphs (skinny women) because this body type is in fashion. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t dress well if you’re an endomorph (with a tendency to gain weight) or a mesomorph (muscular body type). You just have to choose different types of clothing.

Dressing Tips for Ectomorphs

Skinny ectomorphs can usually wear what they want, including short skirts, dresses, crop tops, skinny jeans, etc., without worrying. But it’s a good idea for them to avoid dresses which are too low cut, since they may not have the cleavage to make these work. If you’re really thin, you may also want to avoid extremely tight dresses, which will make you look even thinner. And you may want to stay away from darker colors, which can have a tendency to make you look gaunt.

Dressing Tips for Endomorphs

If you’re an endomorph and you have a tendency to gain weight, you should go with slimming darker colors. Don’t try to cover up your whole body, because this will make you look even bigger. Instead, make an effort to emphasize your assets. If you have nice cleavage, wear something low-cut. If you have a curvy backside, wear tight skirts and jeans. If you have nice legs, don’t cover them up with long skirts all the time.

Think about it. There must be some part of your body that you are proud of. Try to dress in a way that emphasizes that part.

It is also important to keep making an effort to dress well. Don’t get depressed or lose hope just because you have a tendency to gain weight. Keep trying and you will see the results.

Dressing Tips for Mesomorphs

Although mesomorphs can have very attractive, toned bodies, they may still have trouble dressing because the vast majority of clothes are cut for ectomorphs. It’s okay to go with clothes in a bigger size without feeling upset about it, as long as they look good. Sometimes mesomorphs have very broad shoulders, making it necessary to size up.

On the other hand, mesomorphs can look very good in strappy dresses and tops because of all the muscle tone in their shoulders, arms, and upper back, and their toned legs can look amazing in short skirts. Because they also tend to have some curvature, mesomorphs can wear plunging dresses and body-hugging clothes, which may not always work for ectomorphs or endomorphs. Mesomorphs can look good in pretty much any style, as long as they remember to size up when necessary.

If you’re a mesomorph who is afraid that she looks too masculine, try wearing clothes with ruffles, straps, or pastel colors. These will make you feel more feminine and confident.

Celebrity Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs

In addition to considering the above tips, you can also take a look at what various celebrities are wearing. There are certain celebrities who are endomorphs, while others are ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Make these your style role models depending on your own body type, and wear the types of clothing you see them wearing.

  • Ectomorphs: If you’re an ectomorph (a skinny woman), your fashion role models should be Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift, and Gwyneth Paltrow. You’ll see that Keira Knightley wears classic Chanel suits, while Taylor Swift often shows off her long legs in shorts and short skirts. Gwyneth Paltrow tends to go with lengthening, elegant looks that have a good fit.
  • Mesomorphs: Celebrity mesomorphs include Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, and Fergie. These ladies all have broad shoulders and a lot of muscle. They look good in most clothes, as long as those clothes are well-fitting. Jennifer Aniston loves little black dresses, while Fergie is more experimental in her look. Jennifer Garner usually goes with a classic, no-frills look.
  • Endomorphs: While the list of celebrity endomorphs may be shorter, there are a few stellar examples such as Mindy Kaling (an Asian beauty), Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson. You’ll see that Jennifer Hudson loves clothes that fit well and emphasize her curves, while Kelly Clarkson goes with bright colors which look great on her skin tone. Mindy Kaling is experimental and playful in her look.

All these examples are a great starting place for building your own wardrobe to fit your body type. Contact us for more tips on how to emphasize your Asian beauty.


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