From foods to cosmetics –  Organic grocery store, “eat ORGANIC”

From foods to cosmetics – Organic grocery store, “eat ORGANIC”


When it comes to everyday meals for our families, we want to provide fresh and organic vegetables/fruits that are high in nutrients with no artificial additives or pesticides.

Furthermore, I’m sure many will prefer natural products for non-food items as well that come in contact with your body.

But then, I’m sure many of you cannot do so, simply because there aren’t enough organic foods/items in your neighborhood supermarket.

1st Floor

“eat ORGANIC”, a grocery store located along the Bukit Timah road, is a must-see for those seeking to use more organic products in their daily lives.

The store is two stories tall. You can find organic food products on the first floor.

Here, you can find all sorts of fresh organic vegetables and fruits that are shipped by air from America, Australia, and New Zealand every week. You can also find fresh organic vegetables produced in Singapore and Malaysia.

In addition to our dairy products like butter, milk, cheese, or frozen goods like pizza and chicken nuggets, we also carry all different kinds of noodles, including pasta for kids, the popular health food quinoa pasta, gluten-free pasta, and so on.

We also carry gluten-free foods for those with allergies, meat and mayonnaise made for vegetarians and vegans, along with sauce products, organic sweets and ingredients, organic wine, organic tea, and many more.


On the second floor, you can find organic daily products made in Australia and other countries in Europe and Americas. We carry cosmetics for those with sensitive skin or allergies. You can also find supplements made out of natural herbs, along with a variety of hair care products.

We also carry plastic dishes for babies, made out of natural ingredients such as corn, along with organic baby food, paper diapers made out of organic cotton, and so on. This will make a perfect gift for couples with a newborn baby!

Our store offers a delivery service where you can place an order by phone or FAX. If you place your order in the morning, you will get your item on the same day. If you live far away from the store, this is the perfect way to get a hold of our products.

“Most of our customers are Singaporean or Europeans and Americans. I rarely see Japanese customers. I would love to see Japanese people living in Singapore to visit our store as well and try out our products for an organic lifestyle.” said Margaret Tan, shop manager.

Why not discover the joy of organic lifestyle at “eat ORGANIC”?


Store Information


Address: 619H Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269728
Phone: 6219-7156
Business hours: Mon – Sat = 10:00 – 19:00, Sun/Holidays = 11:00-16:00


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