“Yakuzen” (medicinal cooking) recipe that will bring health to your body and mind. – This is a really easy “Coriander rice”!

“Yakuzen” (medicinal cooking) recipe that will bring health to your body and mind. – This is a really easy “Coriander rice”!


Do you know what “yakuzen” (medicinal cooking) is?
“Yakuzen” consists in preparing food following the theories of traditional Chinese medicine with materials we eat daily as ingredients. In other words, this is a type of food that, when eaten according to the condition of our body and mind, can improve the health of both.

Starting in this number, Sumi Sakaguchi, expert in medicinal cooking, will introduce a “yakuzen recipe to keep body and mind healthy in Singapore’s everlasting summer” every month.

Coriander rice

Ingredients(4 people)


  • Cooked white rice…600g
  • Kelp tea…1 teaspoon
  • Salt…1 teaspoon
  • Coarsely ground black pepper…A small quantity
  • Sesame oil…4 teaspoons
  • Grind sesame…4 tablespoons
  • Coriander…80g(About 6-8 stumps)


How to prepare

  • 1) Chop the coriander finely, leaving some for decoration.
  • 2) Mix all the ingredients with freshly cooked rice and serve.

The point of this medicinal cooking recipe, according to Sakaguchi

Coriander is a food ingredient with strong beneficial effects, and it is used also as a traditional medicine.
It is effective in opening the body surface to release the venom that came in from the outside and it is said that it is good to eat it when one is about to catch a cold.
Also, coriander encourages the secretion of digestive juices. It is especially recommended when one feels he may have got cold in his stomach or when one feels sluggish from the summer heat.
The unique fragrance of coriander also has an effect against depression. When one feels blue or feels pressure in one’s chest from anxiety, it diverts and refreshes one’s mind.

Making coriander rice is really easy, since all we have to do is to get the ingredients ready, chop the coriander and mix everything together. Let’s keep the family’s body and mind healthy by using a lot of coriander! Please look forward to the next recipe coming up next month too!

Recipe by: Sumi Sakaguchi, expert in medicinal cooking.

Sumi Sakaguchi, expert in medicinal cooking
Representative of Kanpo Kitchen Inc. Professor at the Japanese branch of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Pioneer in researching about traditional Chinese medicinal cooking in Japan. She studied abroad in Beijing from 1991, becoming the first government sponsored Japanese student overseas. She holds lessons of medicinal cooking and does menu consultations for companies and municipalities. She did her research on the medicinal cooking records from the Qing Dinasty Court at the Xiyuan Hospital CACMS, at the graduate studies division of the Beijing University of Chinese medicine. She has also written numerous books including “Omedeta yakuzen (published by Shufunotomo Co.)” [Happy yakuzen] and “Seitaikou no anti-aging recipe (published by Shufunotomo Co.)” [The anti-aging recipes of Empress Dowager.] She loves China to the point that she went to study abroad there in 2012 with her 7 year old daughter.

Kanpo kitchen: http://kanpokitchen.com
Sumi Sakaguchi’s blog: http://kanpokitchen.blog105.fc2.com/
我想信未来 (Blog in Chinese and Japanese): http://hi.baidu.com/kanpokitchen


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