We asked the organic cosmetic shop “Bud Cosmetics,” why should we choose “organic cosmetics?”

We asked the organic cosmetic shop “Bud Cosmetics,” why should we choose “organic cosmetics?”


In both Japan and Singapore, there has been an increase in the amount of health-conscious women who mainly use “organic cosmetics” on a daily basis. From the organically-minded developed Western countries, organic cosmetic brands have been spreading from one country to another. It has attracted the attention of many women.

In Singapore, Bud Cosmetics deals with over ten different global organic cosmetic brands of shampoo, skincare, make-up products, and baby care products. Because of this, we asked the founder of “Bud Cosmetics,” Eric Chow, about the “state of organic cosmetics in Singapore” and “why you should choose organic cosmetics.”


ー In Singapore, how much awareness is there of organic cosmetics?

In the past five years in Singapore, with more and more people interested in organic cosmetics, it is beginning to gain some recognition.
One of the main reasons cited for this increase is that Singaporeans have begun to notice that the cosmetics they are using, and that are sold close to home, contain chemicals that may cause harm to their health. In fact, because there has been an increase in people worried about stress-related skin diseases and terminal illnesses such as cancer, I believe there has been an increase in the amount of people making an effort to use healthier products.
Also, I think it can be said that interest is rising even more now that organic cosmetics have become easier to find in Singapore.

ー What kind of customers does “Bud Cosmetics” attract?

Most of our customers are highly concerned about their health, or are worried about skin diseases or issues that come with sensitive skin, such as eczema. In addition, there are most likely many customers raising children that are concerned about whether or not the cosmetics they’re using suit their baby’s and their own body, and whether or not there are any harmful effects.

ー Please tell us about the popular products at “Bud Cosmetics.”

“Hair care products” and “skincare products” are the most popular products. A great number of Japanese customers come to our store, but organic cosmetic brands such as the American “john masters organics” and the German “LOGONA” are popular among our Japanese customers. We are happy that we have many customers who trust our services to “recommend products that best match the situation and needs and of our customers.”

ー Please tell me about the merits of using “organic cosmetics” and “organic products.”

I believe that using organic products is “our responsibility to the environment and to our own bodies.”
For example, in our everyday lives we touch a variety of chemical ingredients, but studies have shown various results as to what actually leads to terminal diseases such as cancer, and to skin disorders such as sensitive skin. If you continue to accumulate chemical products in your body and products bad for your body, it will not be enough to merely treat or remove it. This is why I say that “what you put into your body and how you treat your body” is your own responsibility.
The human body is one part of the ecosystem. Skin, which comprises most of the body, responds to the vibrating energy from nature, such as extracts from herbs and flowers. In other words, the energy we possess as humans is closer to natural ingredients than to artificial ingredients. Natural ingredients create a better balance within our bodies over a long period of time. Plants grown in an organic setting are cultivated and treated without using any chemical products. Because they maintain the virtues of natural ingredients, they are purely beneficial.
In addition, organic farming (organic agriculture) imposes strict standards on animal welfare, energy efficiency, sustainability, fair trade, as well as soil and waterways, in order to make sure the products are not contaminated by chemicals like those in pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In other words, supporting organic products is connected to healing the environment and the earth itself.

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