Beauty Facts About Watermelons

Beauty Facts About Watermelons


Watermelon is one of the world’s tastiest and juiciest fruits. They are a favorite option for many on a hot day and are a delightful treat for quenching thirst. One of the best things about watermelons is that they are made up of 92% water, with the remaining 8% being natural sugar. Watermelon is a great snack since it hydrates our bodies and is low in fat content. Keeping your body hydrated is necessary in order to improve skin and bodily functions.

Beneficial Nutrients Found in Watermelons

Besides keeping your body hydrated, watermelons have a number of other health benefits that make it an ideal fruit to incorporate into your daily fruit intake. This fruits reddish color comes from its lycopene content. The antioxidant lycopene helps aid in various cancers. Watermelon has the highest lycopene content out of all fresh fruits and vegetables.

Watermelons are loaded with potassium and vitamins, including vitamin A, C and B-complex vitamins. Potassium is essential for maintaining healthy nerve and muscle activity, whilst promoting balance of the body’s acids and electrolytes. It also reduces chances of high blood pressure.

Vitamin A is excellent for keeping eyes healthy and is also an antioxidant. Vitamin C is reduces damage caused to cells, encourages healthy gums and teeth and keeps our immune system strong. Vitamin B6 in watermelons enhances functions of the brain and creates energy out of protein.

Watermelon contains amino acids, which help stimulate blood circulation and maintain healthy blood vessels. Watermelon also has arginine and cirtulline, which improve our cardiovascular health and heart function.

How It Helps Your Skin and Beauty

Aside from helping our internal functions and overall health, watermelon also has a dramatic effect on our beauty. Consuming watermelon a few hours before bedtime can increase durations of deep sleep by 25%, due to the polysaccharide carbohydrates found in this fruit. Good sleep is necessary for maintaining healthy skin and helps us look fresh in the morning.

The antioxidants in watermelons help keep the skin free of wrinkles and reduce signs of aging. Vitamin A lowers pore size and reduces extreme oil secretion. The acids found in watermelon keep your skin glowing due to its exfoliating benefits.

It works as a natural cleanser and rids the body of harmful toxins, which keeps your skin firm and fresh, whilst its moisturizing benefits help maintain skin moistness.

Once you add watermelon to your diet, you will start to notice that dull or damaged areas appear to be repaired and rejuvenated.

Some Ways That You Can Use Watermelon On Your Skin

Besides eating the fruit, watermelons can be used directly on the skin in order to experience its benefits.

Watermelon juice can be patted onto the face and left on for a period of 10-15 minutes. Follow this by rinsing your face with warm water and continue with cold water. This cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling fresh.

It can be used as a toner by mixing watermelon juice with a small amount of honey. This natural toner can be applied directly to clean, towel-dried skin or patted onto the face by using a cotton ball.

Make Your Own Watermelon Facemask

It is easy to create your own natural facemask by using a cup of freshly chopped watermelon pieces.

  • Chop and mix the pieces until they are as small as possible
  • Spread the mixture onto your clean, dry face and find somewhere comfortable to lie down, or sit in a reclined position, for 10 minutes. It is possible that some of the mask will fall off your face, so try to keep still once you apply the mask.
  • After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water and follow with a cold-water rinse.

This mask exfoliates your skin and keeps it moisturized. Many feel that their face appears tighter after using the watermelon facemask.


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