You may never need a doctor if you eat one a day?! Close up on a super fruit – the “apple”

You may never need a doctor if you eat one a day?! Close up on a super fruit – the “apple”


We can find apples at the super market at any time of the year. It does not really match the image of a perpetual summer of Singapore, but even here there are a lot of people who like apples.

Apples are said to have been introduced in Europe from the Caucasus region. They were brought first in Japan from China during the Edo period, but its cultivation in the country did not really start until sometime around the beginning of the Meiji Era. There are about 2000 different types of apples in the world, and the most eaten in Japan are fuji, tsugaru, mutsu, and jonagold.

The cultivation of apples in tropical zones is difficult, so the apples sold in the everlasting summer climate of Singapore are imported from other countries. At supermarkets, one can often find the fuji type, imported from Korea. They are rather small compared to the ones produced in Japan, but the taste is equal.

When compared to other fruits, apples are rather poor in vitamins and have a lot of sugar content, such as fructose and glucose, but they do have other nutritious components that are the cause for it to be said that “you will never need a doctor if you eat one apple a day.”

【The components of apples】

  • Potassium
  • Dietary fiber (such as pectin)
    It includes two types of dietary fiber: water soluble and insoluble.
  • Polyphenol
    The red pigment on the skin of apples is caused by a polyphenol called “anthocyanin.”
  • Malic acid


From this nutritional composition, we can expect the following effects from eating apples.

  1. Regulation of the enteral environment
    Since apples have two types of dietary fiber, water soluble and insoluble, they increase the good bacteria inside the intestines and regulate the enteral environment. Of course, this also has quite an effect on solving constipation. It seems it is also recommended to eat apples when having diarrhea. 
  2. Prevention of diabetes
    Since pectin works preventing sudden rises of blood-sugar levels, so it can prevent diabetes and is effective lowering cholesterol in the blood. One can also expect it to have the anticancer proprieties of polyphenol.
  3. Anti-aging effect
    Apples contain polyphenol, which has a very strong antioxidative effect. One can expect from this various effects such as whitening, cancer prevention, antiallergic action and help to grow hair.
  4. Diet effect
    Potassium, which became popular in Japan with the “apple diet” some time ago, is effective in preventing swelling. As stated above, since apples are rich in dietary fiber, they can be expected to have a positive effect when going on a diet. However, since they also contain sugar such as fructose and glucose, one has to be careful about the quantity to consume.

By the way, the dietary fiber and the polyphenol in apples is more concentrated on the skin than the flesh, so if we are aiming for a better effect, I recommend to eat it as a whole with the skin on. If you eat it with the skin, you may want to choose organic apples, or apples that have cultivated with no chemicals. However, if you do not have access to organic apples, it seems that if you just leave a regular apple in water for a while, and then wash it with running water, you do not have to worry about the chemicals. Some people worry that the shine and stickiness on the apple’s skin may be caused by chemicals, but the fact is that this is a component that ripe apples produce, so there is no need to worry.

From small children to the elderly, everybody loves apples. How about enjoying them in family?


Some food items may have a negative effect on people with food allergies. Before eating something, I recommend reading its label carefully.

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This is an apple pie shop that has 8 stores in Singapore. Their apple pies have a lightly sweet custard cream and sweetly cooked apple cubes filling inside a crispy pie sheet and are popular not only among Singaporeans but also among Japanese living in Singapore. Besides apple, they have other flavors such as mango, peach, blueberry, durian or strawberry, and they also have a brownie cake.



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