[Recommended health application] “Runtastic PRO” will make your running more enjoyable and effective.

[Recommended health application] “Runtastic PRO” will make your running more enjoyable and effective.


We often see people who go out to run on a daily basis, on mornings or evenings, with the objectives of staying healthy and fit, or as part of a diet routine. There are probably many other people who also try and find some time to run between work, chores and raising their children.

This is the ideal application for those that think that: “If I am going to run I want to enjoy it” “I don’t want to just run randomly, but I want to raise my level up little by little” or “I want to keep a record of my achievements.”

“Runtastic PRO” is the perfect application to measure accurate data and manage your daily training so you can get a grasp of your capacities and plan on how to improve your running. Available not only in English and Japanese, but in many other languages, it is supported by many runners from all around the globe.

“Runtastic PRO” (paid) Main Functions

Record accurate data in real time.

With the incorporated GPS, this function records your running time, distance, speed, pace, calorie consumption and intensity in real time.

Goal achievement support function.

Improve the effectiveness of your training by setting a heartbeat zone that is fit for your goals in terms of pace, calorie consumption and fat burning. The audio feedback feature will help you to reach your goals.

Recording function.

You can keep the history and detailed live-mapping of your running routes using Google maps. Not only you can keep your own training diary, but you can also view charts for your training’s intensity, pace, speed and information on your heart beat, and also a monthly total of the distance ran, the number of workout, time and burned calories. In addition, you can recreate your routes in 3D using the Runtastic Earth View Function and view pictures that you took during your training on a map on the internet.


You can receive cheering from friends and family in real time.

This is a live cheering function in which you can receive cheering from your friends and family, who can check where you are currently running if you share it beforehand.

Audio features

Audio feedback every kilometer unit. You can speed your training up by listening to your power song with the Music function.

Automatic stopping function

This feature will automatically stop the application when you stop at a stoplight or to tie your shoelaces.


Weather and climate information

You can receive information about the weather and temperature in real time. On top of this, you can save this data together with your running data after your training is over, and it also predicts the times for sunrise and sunset.

Share your accomplishments with you friends

This function allows you to share your running achievements with your friends on SNS such as Google+, Facebook or twitter, and you can also keep your running records on the “Runtastic Official Website.” By using the online community within our website, you can do a more detailed analysis of your training as well as compare yourself to other runners.

In addition, we have published hints to make the best use of “Runtastic” in our official blog and Youtube, as well as every other social media, so we recommend using them together with the application.

(In Google+ we have also included effective running ideas and advice to keep your motivation up)

“Runtastic” is, at the same time, an application and the ideal running partner. It is recommended for all runners who would like to make your running more enjoyable and effective to reach their health and beauty goals. Why not download “Runtastic PRO” into your smartphone today, and start making full use of it when you go out running today?

Download “Runtastic PRO” (paid) here


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