[Recommended Health App] “my ENV” – the application that keeps you informed about the latest PSI level and dengue.

[Recommended Health App] “my ENV” – the application that keeps you informed about the latest PSI level and dengue.


These days, the atmospheric pollution caused by “haze” is becoming more severe, to the point it is said to be the worst in Singapore’s history. It has probably become a daily routine in many people’s lives to check the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) in detail.

Haze is a type of smoke pollution caused by the particles from the slash and burn agriculture of Sumatra (Indonesia,) the smoke of forest fires, and exhaust fumes. Every year, it becomes worse during the dry season, from April to October, influencing also Singapore and Malaysia. This year, this influence has been especially intense, with the whole sky becoming covered by smoke, and burning smell hanging in the air all over cities. People suffering from diseases of the lungs or respiratory organs, such as asthma, the elderly, and small children should take special care in this situation.

Also, in Singapore there is currently an epidemic of dengue, a disease which is contracted through mosquitoes, and all the media is covering the news about the break out.

When thinking about our health and our family’s, it is normal that we would want to have access to the newest and most accurate information regarding these kind of health and even life threatening issues.

It is because of this that this time we would like to recommend you “my ENV,” a smartphone application offered by the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA.)

Smart-phone app “my ENV”


Display of the haze PSI

It displays not only the PSI level by time, but also by area. It also includes the concentration of “PM2.5”, microparticules that, when breathed, can enter deep into the lungs causing asthma or even lung cancer.

Display of the latest information on dengue.

It shows how many cases of dengue have broken out in each area. Since the areas with many break out cases are separated by colors, one can easily know which areas are at high risk at a glance.

It includes other useful information

  • Detailed weather forecast
    This includes not only the temperature and the weather, but also the precipitation chance, temperature, wind speed and direction at the current location, which makes it useful to avoid the sudden showers that fall at pinpoint spots.
  • Information on Hawker Centers throughout Singapore
    Besides a function to search for nearby Hawker Centers, it includes the number of stores of every Hawker Center, its spec and a rating of their cleanliness level.
  • Flood information
    When a big amount of rain falls during a squall, the water level of rivers may rise. With this feature of the application, one can see at a glance in which areas the water level is rising.

Even though it offers a great amount of useful information, this application is actually free. On top of this, we are glad to say that the fact that the information comes from a government agency means that it can be trusted.

We highly recommend downloading “my ENV” onto your smartphone, so you will be always updated on haze and dengue latest information.

“my ENV” can be downloaded from the following websites:

iPhone(iTunes App Store)


Android Apps(Google Play)



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