[Recommended Health Application]  “My Diet Coach” offers mental support to get through a diet.

[Recommended Health Application] “My Diet Coach” offers mental support to get through a diet.


Everybody knows that, if you are going to go on a diet, you should restrict your intake of calories. However, most people “cannot stop eating” or feel that “healthy recipes are boring,” so they end up giving into their temptations and all their efforts to follow a diet go to waste. The actual fact is that going on a diet does not involve only controlling your meals and doing some exercise, but it also requires mental strength to win over your cravings.

“My Diet Coach” is a smartphone application specially designed to help you with your diet by maintaining your motivation high.

“My Diet Coach” has been developed to encourage women going on a diet. It includes many useful functions to offer mental support enduring the diet and fighting laziness.

The Main Features of “My Diet Coach”


Option to add custom reminders such as “drink a lot of water,” “eat vegetables,” “eat slowly,” and “weight yourself.” You can set the time for the reminders to be displayed so you will never forget about them.

Images to raise your motivation

You can upload images that will help raise and maintain your motivation, such as pictures of your goal body type.

Hints to endure the diet

Whenever you feel discouraged about your diet, this feature will display pictures you have uploaded in advance and other hints to raise your motivation.

※Upgrading to the Pro Version (paid app.) will offer you the following additional features:
○Panic button when you experience food withdrawal symptoms: Tools to win over your cravings will be displayed.
○Weight Chart: This function follows the progress of your weight change and displays it in a graph to raise your motivation.

Here are some testimonials from people who have used the application to succeed in their diets:
“I managed to lose 10 pounds after I started reducing my portions and doing exercise! I used this application to remind myself of my objectives and to keep my motivation high. It was really useful – an excellent application!”
“It is amazing! Since you can set the reminders to go off according to your schedule, you never forget them and they help maintain motivation!”

The official website also has a community forum, which is very useful to meet others in your same situation and to encourage each other, so you can enjoy your diet.

Even if there are times when you feel like giving up, this application will surely help you get through them! How about starting your diet today?

“My Diet Coach” can be downloaded for free here:

○iPhone(iTunes App Store)

○Android Apps(Google Play)

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