Why Central Air Conditioning is Giving You Chills

Why Central Air Conditioning is Giving You Chills


Are you fed up with the up again, down again game you play with your central air conditioning? Is it giving you the chills? Much like the tale of Goldie Locks who couldn’t find a suitable bed to lie her head, it can be a struggle to find a temperature that isn’t too hot, too cold, but instead- just right. Don’t give up the fight. This is why central air conditioning is full of cold air.

Why is Central Air Conditioning So Cold?

Not all central air conditioning units are full of cold air. This is especially true of older units or those that have not been properly maintained throughout their use. In fact, if your central air conditioning unit is not working properly there is likely to be little to no relief during scorching summer temperatures. On the other end, once your unit gets a tune-up it will often feel like it’s spitting out ice cubes. Burrr!

From hot to cold and nowhere comfortable in between, there’s a reason central A/C often operates at a too frigid temperature.

Standard air conditioning units are designed with what is called “one-stage cooling.” This means on hot days they’ll do the job superbly and crank out all that cool air you so desperately crave, however, on mild or more comfortable days, it might be difficult to maintain the perfect one-stage cooling central A/C temperature.

Innovate and modern central air conditioning units now operate in a “two-stage setting”. This means you’ll have better control over indoor fluctuations and should feel little difference throughout the day. In many cases your energy bill might also see some relief. The harder your central air conditioning unit has to work, the more energy it expends. There’s many benefits to upgrading you’re A/C unit, so always consider that before opting for any unit repairs. Sometimes a central air conditioning unit is just too old to carry on without delivering extreme and unpredictable operating highs and lows.

Finding a Climate that Works

If you share your indoor surroundings with others, agreeing on a suitable temperature can take some negotiations. Unless there are health risks involved it should be a fair union of what is best for all occupants. No one wants to be overly-hot, and being darn right cold is bad for your skin, and certainly doesn’t feel good when you’re ill or coming down with a cold.

How Can I Ward off Chills?

Many people ward off chills in a traditional office setting by bringing a lightweight sweater to their office or place of work. If you can store it in your locker or at your desk, warmth will be at your disposal whenever the A/C starts getting chilly. You can also stay bundled by wearing a nice comfortable pair of thick socks, or even shearling lined moccasins or slippers. So long as the business setting is appropriate for this sort of dress. Sipping hot tea, hot soup or coffee throughout the day will help you ease your aversion to the cold temperatures of a “refrigerator-like” central air conditioning unit. If you work in a small cubicle you might also decide on bringing a portable space heater to your cubby so that you can keep your tootsies warm.

Office Wars

In addition, encourage other occupants to resort to personal desk fans if they’re the ones who are constantly overheating. Muscle tone and body fat has a lot to do with insulation. The more body fat you carry and the more fit your physique, the longer your body will effectively stay warm during extreme temperature fluctuations. Try to add a layer of protection and when all else fails, step outside for a break (where the natural air is likely much warmer).


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