10 Ways a Luxurious Massage Leads to a Healthy Life


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Many people think of a soothing massage as nothing more than an indulgent luxury that they can’t often afford. However, the reality is that massage therapy is so much more than a blissful treat or a thorough session to address back pain. Massage therapy comes with an impressive amount of health benefits, and people are quickly discovering the ways it positively impacts our lives. In this post, we’ll discuss ten amazing ways massage therapy leads to a healthy life.

1. Promotes Better Circulation

Anyone who suffers from poor circulation in the feet, legs, or other parts of the body will find that the problem is often solved with massage therapy. When muscles in the body are gently rubbed, pulled, and squeezed, blood and lymph fluid circulation are improved. This promotes an overall stronger circulatory system and enhanced body function.

2. Helps Deepen the Breath

Far too many people have issues with shortened or shallow breathing. During a deeply relaxing massage, you are eased into a pattern of fuller inhalations and exhalations. Learning to pay attention to breathing patterns and deepening them will be incredibly beneficial in many areas of life, including physical fitness, stressful situations, and sleep.

3. Boosts Energy

While a massage itself is the exact opposite of an energetic activity, many people find that they are refreshed and rejuvenated after a thorough 90-minute session. To boost energy levels, consider scheduling massage sessions every two weeks. Even just a 30-minute session will positively affect one’s physical and mental energy.

4. Clears the Mind

Mental health is just as critical as physical health, and fortunately, society is paying closer attention to that now. Massage therapy is a way for people to step away from the chaos of life and retreat to quiet serenity. Though this sounds like a luxury, having even just of few moments of peace during the day is crucial for mental health. Massage is a way to break away from life’s stresses and distractions and clear the mind. And when the mind is clear, it becomes easier to tackle big projects and perform more strenuous mental work.

5. Releases the “Feel Good” Chemicals

Feeling good is an important aspect of holistic wellness and is a good indication that the body is performing optimally. When a person receives a massage, endorphins (the same chemicals produced after working up a sweat in the gym) are released throughout the body. These “feel good” chemicals are an excellent component used in fighting lethargy and depression.

6. Offers Relief & Recovery

Anyone who is suffering from joint and muscle pain benefits greatly from a therapeutic massage session. The body is relieved of stiffness and soreness through massage, and energy is restored in the muscles. People who do not have full range of motion in certain parts of the body will also benefit from massage. Additionally, anyone who lives with frequent headaches or migraines often find that massage therapy relieves them of the pain.

7. Assists in Combating Insomnia

Poor sleep patterns have a detrimental effect on anyone’s health. While certain practices, such as taking doctor-prescribed medication or spraying lavender oil in the bedroom, may help with insomnia, massage therapy also plays a critical role in combating the disorder. Because massage promotes deep relaxation, many patients discover that massage improves their sleep quality at night.

8. Relieves Stress

Everyone experiences stress throughout their lives, and while there is a healthy kind of stress, most people are more familiar with the kind that weakens the immune system and debilitates overall health. In order to strengthen the immune system and keep stress at bay, consider massage therapy as a way to combat it. A relaxing massage is one of the quickest ways to see stress disappear.

9. Improves Cardiovascular Health

We already know that an intensive massage session leads to improved muscle relaxation and allows stress to melt away more quickly, but a new body of research suggests that regular massage appointments can also play a role in improving the health of your heart.

The International Journal of Preventive Medicine recently conducted a study that showed that massage therapy helps lower blood pressure and stress significantly in people who are hypertensive. In fact, the studied showed that there was a noticeable difference in blood pressure levels immediately after receiving massage therapy and those lower levels lasted for at least three days.

Secondly, anyone who is recovering from cardiac surgery could benefit greatly from massage therapy. The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery showed that many patients experienced less muscle tension, pain, and anxiety after their surgery. Those who underwent four weeks of massage therapy once a week felt greater relaxation and less stress.

10. Improves Your Physical Performance

Many athletes love getting their routine massage because massage therapy is one of the best ways to speed up recovery after an intense workout. If you have been working out extra hard lately, treat yourself to a massage. You will probably experience less tension in your sore muscles, a greater ability to relax, increased range of motion, and improved soft tissue function. Massage therapy will also help reduce the swelling in your muscles, level out any abnormal breathing patterns after high-intensity cardio, and could even help prevent any future injuries that might occur during your next workout session.

For more information on the benefits of massage therapy or to discover more about leading a healthy lifestyle, improving your beauty techniques, and eating clean, please contact us.


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